Spring/ Summer Hair Trend Preview

February 5, 2002

Clairol is pleased to offer the following perspective on the Spring/Summer 2002 hair trends straight from the European collections.


Hot off the runways for Spring/Summer 2002, Blonde continues to dominate as the colour of choice.

The shade choice of cherubs ranges from pale, sheer white blonde through medium blondes which fill in the mid range with cool, generally ash-toned and neutral shades. There are some shades with just a suggestion of golden warmth. Dark blonde haircolour bookends the blondes, mostly neutral with beige overtones and some nuances of dark blonde that border on pinky beige or hint at auburn.

Red shades are in the minority this season and tend to be subtle for the most part. Warm dark reddish blondes, shiny bronze and copper auburn dominate for the lighter to medium shades, while warm chocolate brown hues define the dark end of the red spectrum.

Medium brown to black shades lean to the cool tones, predominately neutral with the characteristic mirror-like highlights that reflect a complete absence of warmth. Blacks have a blue to purple undertone, looking fabulous against pale skin as a blank canvas for smoky eyes and colourless lips or neutral eyes and bright pink or neon orange lips.


There seems to be a correlation between an abundance of texture and the back-to-basics, limited shade range trend of haircolour illustrated by this Spring’s hair fashion.

Going to any lengths: Hair appears in diverse lengths from short razored cuts with plenty of volume to provide styling flexibility to long, butt-sweeping swathes of hair.

The dominant length is between ear to shoulders, radically layered, modified bobs, just flirting with flipping out.

A new take on texture: It’s not enough to have large cascading curls, crimped lengths or voluminous, brushed out bushes of hair. The hottest look for summer is combined texture. There are braids with straight hair; hair sleek at the roots, crimped at the mid lengths (ears to chin) and straight at the ends; combed out manes with strands “stapled” to the head with clips or elastics, sections that are curled and undulating with twisted strands in counterpoint.

Clairol presents Spring/ Summer 2002 hair trend slides from the European shows.

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