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Spring’s Hottest Celebrity Haircuts

Spring’s Hottest Celebrity Haircuts

Spring’s Hottest Celebrity Haircuts

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett debuted this edgy haircut at last night’s Mango Awards in Barcelona. Celebrity hair stylist, David Babaii who created the look, describes it as “a very technical cut that gives you a punky and modernized vibe which Scarlett loved.”

David Babaii gives us the tips on how to recreate Scarlett’s look:

1. Simply added a small amount of David Babaii for WildAid Amplifying Whipped Mousse to your hair while it’s damp and blow dry it out. The product will create thickness and texture to your tresses.

2. To create the deconstructed look at the front of Scarlett’s hair, pick sections at random and use a curling iron to create movement.

3. Finish with Mise En Plis Light Styling Spray for a gentle hold which also gives you that luminous shine without leaving your hair greasy.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss’ new fringe is not for everyone, but if you’re feeling brave a fringe definitely makes a statement.

1. Ask your hairdresser to cut a long fringe that hits your brows. This will really make your eyes stand out. A longer fringe is more versatile as you can part the hair on the side and create romantic layers.

2. Kate’s fringe has longer ends at the sides of her face. This creates a softer look and looks great when you pin your hair back.

3. After blowdrying your hair, run a serum through the hair to avoid flyaways.

4. Always condition the hair to keep your fringe looking healthy.

Keira Knightley

Keira’s no stranger to the bob, and her heart-shaped face suits the style well.

Thinking of a bob? Consider the shape of your face and how the bob will frame your face.

The great thing about a bob is it will make your eyes pop, and you can accessorise with gorgeous long earrings. The not so great thing about a bob? It’s a high maintenance do, so make the committment with regular haircuts to keep the shape and avoid ragged ends.

1. Ask your hairdresser to create layers so the hair doesn’t fall in one flat line. Layers will give the bob movement.

2. Soft streaks will also help to give the bob fullness. Keira has a variety of chocolate shades which catch the light – perfect for spring and summer.

3. A high gloss shine will bring out the colour. Condition the hair with a weekly masque to keep your hair in its best condition.

Which celebrity haircut is your favourite?

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