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The Spring Beauty Art Of Vajazzling: Tacky Or Trendy?

The Spring Beauty Art Of Vajazzling: Tacky Or Trendy?

beauty, spring/summer beauty trends; pubic art

Will you vajazzle yourself this spring? It’s the season of the fake tan and vajazzling, whereby if you so desire, you can have a sparkly secret in your pants just begging to be celebrated.

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Vajazzling, which has taken the US by storm and been popularised by the likes of actor Jennifer Love Hewitt (pictured), is like Mardi Gras for your lady parts. It’s a spring/summer beauty trend which is the act of applying glitter and jewels made from Swarovski crystals to your pubic area.

A portmanteau of the words “vagina” and “bedazzle”, vajazzling is typically performed at a beauty salon. It follows a Brazilian wax treatment, whereby all the hair is removed from your lady garden, and sees crystals applied to your bare pubic area using adhesive.

What’s more, you can go all out and get the pretty crystals applied to other body areas such as your stomach, back, waist, arm, neck and legs.

A typical vajazzle application only lasts a few days; by the time your pubic hair grows back, the vajazzling crystals will have fallen off on their own. Costs vary and some beauty salons still don’t perform the procedure.

beauty, spring/summer beauty trends; pubic art

A word of warning ladies: the cosmetic adhesives used in vajazzling – not to mention the crystals – may cause skin irritation to your freshly waxed pubic area, already aggravated by the Brazilian wax. In fact, one US obstetrician recently advised women to spend their money on sexy lingerie or a good pair of shoes instead, as they’ll last longer.

So, what do men think of the art of vajazzling? Is it something they’re into?

My husband is not a fan, preferring my lady garden unadorned. “What on earth do you need that for?” he asked ahgast, when I informed him of this spring/summer beauty trend.

Next up, I asked a male friend – another typical blokey bloke – for his thoughts on the topic. The conversation went like this:

Me: “What do you think of vajazzling?”

Him: “Huh?”

Me: “What do you think of women adorning their freshly-waxed pubic areas with pretty crystals and glitter?”

Him: “I think that’s kinda weird. Wouldn’t it just get in the way?”

However, as with any beauty trend, women will do as they damn well please. And if a good vajazzling helps a woman feel great about herself this spring/summer and it honours and celebrates her beautiful, private lady parts, who is anyone to judge?

Interestingly, Ella Baché’s national franchise network is able to perform the procedure if so desired, depending on demand, but it’s not something the brand is pushing as a whole. However, the salons do regularly perform Brazilian wax treatments.

“Ella Baché, and the Ella Baché salons, are not against vajazzling – it’s the individual salons’ choice to offer the service,” says Ella Baché national marketing manager Alison Navarrete.

“However, it is not in the overarching menu of salon services, as we are skincare brand offering skincare treatments which are results-driven.”

beauty, spring/summer beauty trends; pubic art

What do you think? Do you vajazzle?

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