Star Biographies plus great summer reads

February 1, 2005

Star Biographies plus great summer reads

Pamela Anderson
Simon & Schuster

Star chronicles the rise and rise of Star Wood Leigh from small town nail artist and bar waitress, to international model and actress supreme. Chosen from a chance discovery at a football game, star finds her way through the sometimes treacherous world of Hollywood stardom, not to mention the tricky path of A list relationships. Funny, involving and sometimes very steamy, Star makes for an interesting light read.
RRP $29.95 but only $26.96 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop

Tommy Land
Tommy Lee and Anthony Bozza
Simon & Schuster

Anyone with an ounce prudeness best not read this book. This is the story of Tommy Lee, once husband to Pamela Anderson and Heather Lockyer and drummer of Motley Crue. This annotated memoir is a tell-all confessional and one part bizarro self-help book. But whether Lee is recounting matrimonial bliss with Pamela Anderson or recent brushes with the law, or offering personal cunnilingus tips – all in the patented California dude speak – at least it?s never boring. Even if you?re not a fan, it?s funny and slightly confronting and an interesting insight to the world not only of Tommy Lee, but sex drugs and rock and roll.
RRP $29.95 but only $26.96 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop

Bob Dylan ? Chronicles
Bob Dylan
Simon & Schuster

Bob Dylan could be called one of the most influential singer/songwriters of any generation. Chronicles Volume One starts in New York City, detailing the clubs and songwriters that were part of the young Bob Dylan?s life. Throughout the book Dylan refers to his folk music roots and literature that made an impact on how he views the world, and how current events and politics always took a back seat to the making of songs that would remain timeless in their sound and lyrics. Written with a sense of poetry that only Bob Dylan could impart, Chronicles Volume One is as inspiring as it is colorful.
RRP $42.99 but only $38.69 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop

Hyprocrite in a Pouffy White Dress
Susan Jane Gilman
Bantam Books

We all love hearing about other people?s lives. Who are they sleeping with, where are they working now, what do they think about?.? Well this book is like peeking into the diary of writer, Susan Jane Gilman. She tells the tale of her childhood in New York complete with hippy parents and bitchy peers at school and how she finally turned into a woman. The memoir follows through her university days complete with 17-hour car trips to North Carolina with the aim to get laid and stories of her first journalism assignment. It is a warm and engaging account of one woman?s life story (so far) that will keep you entertained for hours.
RRP $22.95 but only $20.66 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop

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