How To Start Your Own Terrarium 

March 4, 2015
How To Start Your Own Terrarium 

If you’re living in a small apartment, or simply can’t commit to the idea of turning into the next Burke’s Backyard, then a terrarium should be right up your street.

These mini-ecosystems are often kept in clear fish bowls and are super-easy to grow and maintain (even for those social butterflies who are never at home!).

Start your own terrarium for the kitchen, living room, or even the bedroom with these easy tips.

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What you’ll need:


Any clear, round glass container is perfect to keep your terrarium. Urban Outfitters have the biggest selection of these containers, some of which you can also suspend from the wall or ceiling.


Before adding the soil, prepare a thin layer of stones and pebbles on the base of the container. This helps to keep the entire plant from toppling over and helps with drainage. You won’t see a thick layer of water at the bottom on your terrarium and it won’t leak.


Look out for succulent soil which is finer than anything growing in your backyard – it’s perfect for your terrarium. It’s available at any gardening centre and won’t break the bank.


This should be the second layer after the soil and keeps everything smelling fresh. It won’t leave your entire home smelling like soil and basically regulates your entire terrarium. Don’t forget about it!


If you’re just starting out, it’s best to stick with a plant which doesn’t require too much attention. We’re thinking along the lines of a mini-cactus which isn’t too difficult to de-pot and plant in the centre of the terrarium.

If you are feeling a little adventurous, then a succulent is another great alternative. Dig a small hole and carefully plant them individually.


Rather than watering them with a hose (we definitely do not recommend this!), use a fine mist spray to water the leaves.

Image via The Independent

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