Stay-Fit Tips For Busy Women

February 24, 2015
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Finding the time and motivation to stay fit is a challenge for many of us. By the time we’ve gotten the kids ready for school, completed a million of tasks at the office, talked to a cranky client (or a dozen of them), done the laundry and cooked dinner, exercise has become just another chore that we’re unable to face. If you’re struggling to stick to your workout routine, here are a few stay-fit tips that will make it easier.

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Get plenty of sleep

Sleep is often the first thing to go when we’re busy, but sacrificing sleep is one of the worst strategies when you’re trying to gain extra hours. Fatigue kills your productivity, so everything takes longer, your mood plummets down and your stay-fit plan goes out of the window.

Schedule time for exercise

You will probably not get a whole lot of exercise done, if you’re hoping to work out whenever you have time. It’s best to put your exercise on your schedule and stick with it, even if it’s only 15-30 minutes at a time.

Make use of breaks

Lunch breaks are a great opportunity to get active. Even if you work from home or take care of your kids, you can usually take a few minutes out here and there, and sneak in some crunches or push-ups.

Get an exercise buddy

When you exercise with your kids or a friend, you will have more fun and you will feel more motivated to show up. After all, if you don’t, it won’t just be a simple change of schedule, you will be disappointing another person.

Have fun

It’s not likely that you’ll stick with a high-impact routine that you hate, especially when there’re so many other things competing for your attention. If, on the other hand, you choose a form of exercise that you enjoy (even if an expert or your personal trainer says it’s not as effective), you’ll keep turning up.

Let go of perfection

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Kids get sick, deadlines take over our lives, emergencies come up. Don’t let that discourage you. It’s never too late to get back onto the fitness bandwagon.

Hopefully, these stay-fit tips will help you start your exercise routine with more ease and stick with it!

Image by skeeze via pixabay.com

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