How To Stay In Shape While Travelling

July 22, 2014

So you have booked your trip but are worried about how to avoid piling on the extra kilograms while you’re away? As impossible as it seems, there is a happy medium which will allow you to enjoy your time away without returning with a pronounced waistline. Here are just a few exercises and tips you can use while you’re on-the-go.

Enjoy in moderation

Don’t deny yourself while holidaying in another country. Try out as much of the local cuisine as you can – but all in moderation. This includes both main meals but also desserts and snacks. Although constantly travelling won’t allow you to fall back into your usual workout routine, try and moderate your eating to avoid gaining weight while away. This could include choosing healthier breakfast, lunch and dinner alternatives while avoiding bad snacking throughout the day or night.


Especially if you’re backpacking, walking will become a large part of your trip. Try and walk around as much as you can, and avoid using taxi’s if you can help it. Not only is walking a fantastic form of low-intensity exercise, but it will help your body adjust to another environment. Get familiar with your current location and opt for leisurely walks around the city, countryside or hostel – it will also prevent boredom and give you something relaxing to do!


Jump rope

Pack a skipping rope into your hand-held luggage and you will always find an opportunity to get out there and use it. Not only is this an exercise for the entire core, but it will tone and keep you in shape while you’re away.


Bring a pair of running shoes and go for a short run around the hotel you’re staying at. This will allow you to see more parts of the city and also keep your body in a set routine.


Most hotels are equipped with pools – even if your usual workout routine doesn’t involve going for a swim! Pack your swimsuit and hit the pool at the beginning or end of every day for about 20 minutes to see results.


Where possible, try and take the stairs and avoid any elevators or escalators. Most people will feel the burn in their upper thighs just after a few minutes of this low-maintenance workout.

How do you stay in shape while travelling?

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