Stefani turns from music to fashion

August 19, 2003

Stefani turns from music to fashion

No Doubt frontbabe and uber cool chick Gwen Stefani has launched a new fashion label L.A.M.B. Her first limited-edition collection of handbags is available now the US. According to the groovy rocker L.A.M.B. stands for love, angel, music, baby – words that are meaningful to Stefani. Must have something to do with oh so cute hubby Bush front man Gavin Rossdale! According to reports Stefani has partnered with LeSportsac to manufacture her bags, which are made of black rip-stop nylon and decorated with words and phrases in a white gothic font!

Whoa! Nelly’s having a baby

Songbird Nelly Furtado has not been in hiding or working on her next album as we have been led to believe. The real reason she has been laying low is she is heavily pregnant! The 24-year-old singer has been very keen to keep the pregnancy a big secret, but it won’t be a secret for much longer as she is due to deliver her baby in September! But the star has been quick to deny any news songs will reflect her current maternal state. ?Two or three years from now, you’ll hear the baby record,” she says. “I take a while to reflect on things.” Whoa Nelly is right!

How much would you pay to pash Sharon Stone?

They say it takes all types – but this really story really takes the cake! A woman in the US has just paid $85,000 at a charity auction to kiss Sharon Stone. According to the Daily Mirror, the pash lasted a massive 45 seconds and is said to have drawn gasps from the audience! We are unsure whether they were gasps of pleasure or gasps of disgust or disbelief as the two women publicly pashed! The recently single actress auctioned the kiss to raise money for a LA-based charity providing free meals for people with HIV and AIDS.

Is it official?

US mag US Weekly confirmed what we suspected weeks ago – Alias costars Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan have officially begun dating, just months after the actress split from husband Scott Foley. We told you the lady doth protest too much!

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