Step up for the Ski Season (con’t)

July 27, 2004

Step up for the Ski Season (con’t)
Flexibility: It?s a good idea to stretch each morning to ensure your body is warm for the slopes, but you should also start increasing your flexibility a few weeks before you leave. One good stretch is standing rotations. Stand with your feet a comfortable distance apart, knees slightly bend and arms crossing in front of you. Turn and look over one shoulder, continuing with the rest of your body until you feel a good stretch through the back. Hold 5 seconds, then repeat on the other direction. Do this 10 to 20 times. Stretch your thighs by pulling your ankle back against your bottom and stretching the thigh muscle. Repeat five times on each leg.

Agility: To improve your side to side agility, stand in a semi squat position, then step side to side while maintaining the squat position. As your strength and agility improves, you should be able to leap from side to side whilst keeping the inside food off the ground and focusing your weight on your outside foot.

Balance: Try standing on one leg at a time, knee slightly bent and arms by your sides. Stay in that position for 10 ? 30 seconds the drop down a little and keep the position for another 10 ? 30 seconds. To make it a little more difficult, try this exercise with your foot balancing on a pillow or other uneven surface. Repeat the sequence 3- 4 times.

You?re all ready to tackle the ski season head on! Don?t forget to keep replenished during the day with water, healthy foods with plenty of energy giving carbohydrates and proteins and of course the occasional sweet treat!

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