Steve Carell’s parenting advice

July 16, 2010

Steve Carell’s parenting advice

The 47-year-old actor also admitted he and wife Nancy have to present a “united front” when it comes to disciplining their children because the kids will try to “play off” their parents. The actor who is the voice in upcoming kids movie ‘Despicable Me’ star has daughter Elizabeth, nine, and six-year-old son Johnny with wife Nancy Walls Carell.

He added in an interview with People’s Celebrity Baby Blog: “They’ll ask one parent, then go around to the other and try to work the same thing on the other side. So it’s having communication with your spouse and knowing what the parameters are.

“I try to be a hybrid of good cop and bad cop. You walk a fine line there. You want your kids to have respect; you don’t want to coddle them. You don’t want to be their buddy – but you do. You want to have that connection, but you also want them to respect you when you need to draw the line because kids need a sense of structure.”

The actor is also dreading the day his children leave home. Carell is already thinking ahead to the future and plans to cherish every moment with his kids until they grow up. He explained: “They are at the perfect age. They just turned six and nine this last year, and I just want to freeze it.

“I’ve done a couple of movies out of town and I hope I won’t have to again, because to be home while your kids are little – you don’t get that back. “The other day, my daughter was over at a friend’s house at a sleepover, and I walked by her door and she wasn’t there. it kind of shakes up your world. Like, wow, not too many years from now, that’s going to be the case. You need to soak it up while you can.”

Wow what a great Dad – nice to see normal guys in Hollywood do exist!

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