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April 12, 2005

1. Elizabeth Arden Targeted Needs Lip-Fix Cr?me
This product is great if you have those pesky little vertical lines on your top lip that looks like you have been talking or smoking too much! This lip balm moisturisers while filling in the lines to soften your lips. Use under your lipstick and stops colour from bleeding too much and even makes your lipstick stay on longer!
RRP $36.00
Stockists (02) 8877 5000

2. Model Co Wonderfull Lip Plumper & Model Co Glass Ultra Lip Gloss
Having not used a lip plumper before I was curious as to the effects of such a product. The first thing you will notice is not so much a ?tingling? sensation as the packaging suggests, but quite a burning sensation [kind of like putting Vicks on your lips]. The consistency of the treatment is extremely sticky and I?m not sure how you are supposed to apply lipstick or gloss after using it. You’d be better off using the Model Co Lip Glass. This lip gloss is referred to as ?glass? and I have to say it has a serious sparkling high shine and staying power. Unlike many other lip glosses, Glass Ultra Lip Gloss is not sticky. This product also has serious flavour and tastes like a watermelon cocktail. Wear throughout winter for a taste of summer.
RRP $24.00 each
Stockist (02) 8354 6700

3. Make Up For Ever Professional Paris Liquid Lip Colour.
I just know that this is going to be one of my favourite lip products. Liquid Lip Color combines the intensity and coverage of a lipstick with the ultra-shine of a gloss. This product has pure, ultra-fine pearliness and intenseness of colour, improves hydration and eliminates creases. The tube has a brush applicator which allows even coverage. Definitely a ?must have?.
RRP $39
Stockists (02) 9663 4277.

4. Dr LeWinn?s Private Formula Skincare Lip Enhancer Contour Cream
At some point of our lives we?re all going to get those fine lines around our lips. We spend money on moisturisers and eye creams, but what about our poor old neglected lips! This product is a cream rather than a balm and smooths well into the skin, it has a slight tingling sensation but is in no way irritating. The formula which has a very pleasant orange citrus smell moisturizes, protects and reduces lines around the lip area. Use morning and night and under lipstick. Definitely worth adding to your skin care collection.
RRP $29.95
Stockists 1800 033 122

5. Becca Bird of Paradise Gloss (Face/Lips/Eyes)
This gloss isn’t just for the lips – it can also be used to add sheen to eyes and cheeks. The colour is pearly cream so it actually looks rather cute on the cheeks – gives you back the morning glow! On the lips, it isn’t particularly glossy but it feels nice and adds a subtle gleam.
RRP $ 39.00 Exclusively to Myer.

6. Shines & Shimmers Lipgloss Colour: Spoiled
Unfortunately, I can?t say I?m a fan of this product. The concept of the three layered colours mixing together as you use the wand is quite good and the colour and shimmer is good. However, the consistency is extremely sticky and hard to wash off with soap and leaves a sticky residue. Not one of my favourites.
Stockist (03) 9557 8827

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