How To Stop Bad Snacking Between Meals

May 17, 2014
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Compulsive snacking could be the reason why you’re adding on those extra kilograms without even noticing. It all comes down to adapting healthy eating habits, and substituting fatty foods with healthy snacks filled with protein. These types of foods will keep you fuller for longer, and will curb any bad cravings you may have throughout the day.

Drink water

The body will usually confuse feeling thirsty for hunger instead. Before you attack that packet of dry chips, drink a glass of water and see how you feel after. Most of the time this will eliminate any cravings, but in the situation where you are still hungry, choose to eat a small meal with slow burning energy.

Green Tea

Green Tea has many health benefits, mainly L-theanine which helps to relieve anxiety, settle a racing heart rate, and reduce blood pressure. Best of all, green tea can help to stop mindless snacking since it is a natural appetite suppressant. How does this work exactly? The catechins in green tea decreases the rise of blood sugar levels, and prevents a high insulin count. Keep green tea handy throughout the day or night for an added boost of natural energy.

Eat protein

Starting your morning with a breakfast high in protein will reduce bad snacking throughout the remainder of the day. Foods such as meat, eggs and fish all include amino acids that are necessary to maintain a healthy body. Make sure to stock up on easy to find foods such as peanut butter, nuts, yoghurt, and tuna to snack on throughout the day.

Don’t impulse buy snacks

Whether you’re at the supermarket or just out and about for your lunch break, try to avoid impulse buying any fatty or sugary snacks. Especially avoid chocolate and sweets as this type of compulsive eating causes a plethora of weight problems both now and in the future. Keep fruits on hand if you ever get the feeling of 3:30itis, since natural sugar is far better than anything which includes refined sugar or preservatives.

What do you choose to snack on throughout the day?

Image via My Fitness Pal

By Felicia Sapountzis

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