How To Stop Binge Eating

October 14, 2014

Ever find yourself devouring a packet of chips before you have any idea how it made it’s way into your house in the first place? Binge eating is a serious problem, and doesn’t discriminate between women, men, or even children. But is it actually possible to stop binge eating altogether, without going cold-turkey?

Try these tips the next time you’re craving something sugary or sweet – and want to break out of this vicious cycle.

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Substitute with healthy snacks

Keep a variety of healthy snacks in the fridge and pantry. This will make it so much easier to avoid grabbing the naughty food in times of need. If you can’t get enough of dry chips, why not snack on some cucumber and carrot? The crunching sound makes it feel like you’re eating chips, without the extra calories.

Don’t buy fatty snacks

The best way to avoid eating bad food starts in the supermarket. If you have enough willpower to avoid buying the food yourself, then it’s not likely that you’ll eat it anyway. If you find yourself feeling excited at the prospect of the chocolate and chips aisle, then it’s best to avoid it altogether. Take another route around the supermarket, and only buy the things you actually need.

Make a shopping list

A shopping list will help you stick to what you know, and avoid walking aimlessly around the aisles looking for your next sugary fix. Keep the shopping list short and sweet, and you’ll avoid making unnecessary purchases later on.

Don’t eat after 8pm

You can change the time according to your nightly routine, but it’s best not to eat late at night since the food is stored as fat. Keep yourself occupied and most importantly keep your mind occupied – since this (and not your stomach) is telling you that you’re hungry.

Invite a friend over, hang out with your family, or even read a book and watch your favourite program on television.

Ask yourself these questions

The next time you find yourself heading over to the fridge or pantry, ask yourself these questions before digging in:

  • Do I need this?
  • Am I really hungry?
  • Can I only have just a bit?

You will often find that the answer to these questions are usually no. But if the answer is sometimes a yes, snack or fruit or nuts which are a much healthier alternative.

Drink water and green tea

Try a glass of water the next time you’re feeling the urge to snack on something sweet late at night, and in most cases this will curb any cravings. Your stomach will feel full, and probably won’t be able to eat anything else if you tried. If that doesn’t work, enjoy some green tea instead.

Green tea is packed with so many vitamins and nutrients that actually keep your body busy, and taste great as well!

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