Gwen Stefani & Urban Decay Just Made A Palette Together

October 20, 2015

*Sob* Be still, my beating heart…

Stop EVERYTHING. Pop star, mother, fashion designer, entrepreneur and all-round goddess Gwen Stefani has just partnered with the makers of the Naked Palette; quite possibly the greatest eyeshadow collection to ever grace the earth, Urban Decay, to release a limited edition palette that is so good, you will likely wet yourself, just a little, when you see it IRL.

Yep, prepare to lose your sh*t because the queen of cool and the most talked about makeup brand of the year have come together and it is truly magical. If anything can make you believe unicorns exist, it’s this awesome-beyond-explanation palette.


A homage to Stefani’s vivacious, risk-taking attitude to beauty and style, the palette includes 15 shadows in shades ranging from bright jewel tones (GIMME, GIMME, GIMME!) to warm nudes that are sure to make your peepers pop like nothin’ else (*Drools uncontrollably*)

Set to release this November (Santa, take a hint), our hands are already positively quivering with delight to be near this eyeshadow palette. Just look at its beauty, it really deserves its own halo, no?


*Pulling of heartstrings*

Be still, our beating hearts…

Likely to cause temporary insanity, significant clawing out of eyes and camping out to rival the release of the iWatch, need we point out the obvious that this palette will likely sell out before it’s actually had the chance to grace our local Sephoras with its magic.

So get ready to fight for your right to own a slice of makeup history, ’cause it’s game on, bitches.


Images via instagram.com and cuddlebuggery.com

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