Stop Press- Britney Doesn’t Suck

April 30, 2002


One of the stars ? and that fact that she is not made to carry the entire film is probably one of the things that saves her ? is a toothy, titsy Britney Spears. I can?t help thinking that had she been a fabulous nobody rather than one of the world?s biggest-earning iconic pop-divas, Britney would have made an impression on viewers of this light as air road trip as a confident and dare I say credible actress. I?m not talking Academy Award performances here, but I have I have a confession to make. Britney did not suck nearly as much as you would have thought/hoped.

Her portrayal of a virginal high school graduate determined to ditch her one horse town in favour of a recording career in LA is hardly a stretch for Ms Spears. But this is the beauty of Crossroads and ultimately the reason why she doesn?t suck in this film in the way that her singing sisters ? Madonna, Mariah et al, have done in theirs.

The casting gods have shone on Britney and her modest acting skills are shown in a favourable, flattering light. Despite this, critics have been primed to pounce on this, the latest crossover of a singing starlet into the world of celluloid. And had I only stayed to watch the first five minutes of this warm and fuzzy little number, I too could have drawn some scathing conclusions.

The action commences with Britney karaoke-ing along to a Madonna song, soupspoon as microphone in hand, writhing and bucking her taut, brown, underwear adorned body on the bed. You could be forgiven for thinking that this was the start of a very different kind of film?

But Crossroads isn?t a different kind of film at all. It is a light, quasi-wholesome, sometimes funny teen film exploring, though for the most part superficially, the issues of friendship, first love, sex and its consequences. It?s not the kind of film you?re going to want to rush out and see right this second, but if you happen to be caught at the crossroads, well, that might not be such a bad thing?

By Sally Schofield

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