27 Struggles Everyone Who Hates People Knows To Be True

Kassi Klower

Because people are just the worst.

Seriously, what is with this incessant need to be social and affable all the time?

Like, am I the only one who thinks people generally tend to suck?

Besides the select few friends who get my morbid sense of humor and low tolerance level for BS, I just don’t have time for making small talk or attending events that require me to act like I give a damn about my colleague’s sister’s ex-roommate’s health dramas.

Call me a bitch, but I think most people who relish alone time and detest forced socializing as much as I do will agree with the following sentiments, even if you’re not game to admit it aloud…

1. You absolutely dread having to meet new people.

meet new people hate people

2. When a work colleague tries to talk to you on your lunch break, you’re like:

talking to people hate people

3. When someone gives you their unsolicited opinion on literally anything:

wrong opinion hate people

4. When someone at work keeps asking questions in the afternoon meeting:

asking questions hate people

5. Getting stuck behind a slow walker in the shopping center is your idea of pure hell.

slow walkers hate people

6. In fact, being in shopping centers in general is a fucking nightmare.

too many people hate people

7. If given the option, you’d much rather hang out with a dog or cat and never endure another human again.

prefer animals hate people

8. When someone has the audacity to sit next to you on public transport:

kill me now hate people

9. The feeling of joy when you finally get home and can shut the door on the world:

finally home hate people

10. But then your roommate comes in and just won’t stop talking to you while you want to relax…

leave me alone hate people

11. When you have to go to a party with people who will almost certainly want to tell you their entire life stories:

uncomfortable hate people

12. The feeling of relief when a social event is canceled.

relief hate people

13. The idea of being stuck alone on a desert island is very appealing to you.

like to do that hate people

14. When your boss says the words “This will be a team project”:

dont work with others hate people

15. When you run into someone from highschool or college and are just like:

ask how you are hate people

16. When the cinema is packed and the people around you talk through the whole movie:

hit a bitch hate people

17. The conflict you feel when you spot someone attractive, but then remember relationships involve lots of talking.

attracted to your body hate people

18. Coming up with inventive new excuses not to attend after-work drinks gets exhausting sometimes.

wish i could hate people

19. Alone time = HEAVEN.

adore my own company hate people

20. Trying to organize a party for yourself and having people ask if they can bring a plus one you’ve never met:

no thank you hate people

21. Or the struggle of your mom telling you who you have to invite to your wedding.

i don't know them hate people

22. The feeling when someone calls you instead of just texting:

dont call me hate people

23. The annoying moment someone tries to talk to you on the street, even if you have your headphones in.

dont talk to me hate people

24. When someone asks why you’re not a ‘people person’:

people are disappointing hate people

25. The moment you find someone who also hates humanity as much as you:

hate people

26. Or the rare occasion you find a human who doesn’t annoy the crap out of you:

you're good hate people

27. And when someone calls you rude for being honest about your general dislike for people:

keeping it real hate people

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Comment: Are you a people person, or someone who hates people?

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