24 Struggles People With Roommates From Hell Understand

February 16, 2017

It is like they are physically unable to wash a dish. 

Living with roommates can be awesome.

They often turn into some of your closest friends, and can make eating takeout food on the couch while bingeing on Netflix a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Not to mention the benefits of splitting expenses and always having a friend down the hall to borrow a razor from when you need it, especially while you’re still trying to get your shit together in life.

But there are undoubtedly some annoying habits anyone who’s ever lived in an apartment with other people inevitably faces – especially if one (or more) of your roommates turns out to be impossible to live with.

If you have ever shared a pad with someone with cringe-worthy habits and less-than-perfect standards of living, you’ll relate to these struggles well. Hell, you might even wanna use this list to give someone in your current living sitch a not-so-subtle hint…

1. No one ever seems to clean any of the dishes, ever (except you, of course).

2. The house is suddenly a post-apocalyptic disaster zone seconds after you’ve cleaned it.

3. The toilet paper always runs out and you feel like you’re the only one ever buying more.

4. The bathroom is always occupied when you need it most desperately.

5. And when you finally do get to shower, someone has used all of the hot water.

6. You’ve lost count of the number of times you’ve opened the fridge to get some milk and someone has put the empty carton back in there.

7. They always want to share some of your food but never offer you any of theirs.

8. Even when the bin is obviously full, they prefer to make a leaning tower of trash rather than dare empty it.

9. They constantly borrow your things without asking.

10. Even though the bathroom is overflowing with toiletries, your expensive products are suspiciously the only ones that seem to run out constantly.

11. They’re always inviting their annoying and obnoxious friends over when you need sleep.

12. And they watch movies and play music late into the night when you have to work the next day.

13. They never seem to have the money to pay bills or rent on time, but you notice they’ve managed to afford a new outfit to go out in…

14. Their weird taste in movies has completely messed up your Netflix suggestions.

15. Their alarm never seems to wake them up, but you can hear it from across the house on your day off…

16. You’ve heard them having loud, weird-sounding sex on multiple occasions.

17. And they have given their bae a key to your house without even asking you, so now you can’t just rock your undies and messy bun because they could come in at any moment.

18. You’re very familiar with cold, passive aggressive texts or Facebook messages about house-related issues.

19. They can’t read a situation and try to talk your ear off, even though it’s obvious you’ve had a long day and just want to go TF to bed.

20. Things just disappear and no one knows where they’ve gone, even though someone had to have taken them and it definitely wasn’t you (where is all the Tupperware, anyway?!)…

21. Every time you try to do a load of laundry, they’ve left their wet clothes in the washer.

22. You often open the fridge to find rancid out-of-date food growing cities of mold, that doesn’t belong to you.

23. Their interior decorating style is the polar opposite of yours, and they keep buying ugly things to put around the house which you have to keep covertly “misplacing”.

24. But because when they’re not shitting you to tears, they’re surprisingly fun to chill with over wine on the couch, you somehow find yourself forgiving their annoying side.

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Comment: Have you ever had a roommate from hell? What kinds of things did they do? 


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