Stuck in a sex rut?

July 6, 2004

Stuck in a sex rut?

Getting in a sex rut is a normal problem in any relationship. You know exactly what turns your partner on, so why try something new that may fail? The fact is, it may turn you both on, but it just isn?t memorable. Ready for multiple fireworks? Read on!

How to let him on the plan: You know what you want to try, but you?re just not sure how to say it. Remember when you were in high school and you wrote love letters to your crush? How about taking a trip back down memory lane and write to your beau? Tell him all the things you?d like to see in your sex life, and all the things you?d like to try on him. Writing it down is sometimes the best way to get your thoughts together and to make sure they come out in a positive, thoughtful way. But make sure you don?t sound accusing ? one way to overcome this is to use lots of ?I? sentences. ?I feel?? rather than ?You never?. And if you give the letter to him before work, he?ll spend the day thinking of all the things he wants to try with you…

Research: If you?re bored of your hair cut, you change it, right? But first, you look for a new style. You check out famous stars, you look in hair styling books and magazines, you check out hair styles on the Internet. Ok, I don?t think Brad and Jen are going to be telling us their sauciest details, but you are checking out a magazine, and we can help with finding a book. Life?s Too Short for Tantric Sex Life?s Too Short for Tantric Sex has 50 great shortcuts to sexual ecstasy. Ever been jealous of the girls who talk about all body orgasms? Ever wondered how men can have multiple orgasms (it can happen!) This book has all the answers.

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