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How To Style Ear Cuffs

How To Style Ear Cuffs

Over the last few years, ear cuffs have quickly become a staple accessory that all women should own. Not only are they readily available, but they can also be worn a variety of ways – regardless of your own personal style. Since ear cuffs are mostly clip-ons, they don’t require any piercings and are great if you want to switch-up your look for a night out.


If you’re new to the trend, why not purchase a piece which is slightly minimalist. This way you can wear it with almost anything, since it won’t make a drastic statement.

How To Style Ear Cuffs

We recommend: Sally Skoufis Claw Ear Cuff, $129.95

Cuff and chain

For a cool, edgy look try an ear cuff with a clip and chain. These types of cuffs usually require a piercing, but they are super-easy to thread through your ears. Keep hair slicked back, and pair with a bold lip for a statement look.

How To Style Ear Cuffs

We recommend: Pilgrim Gold Plated Chain Drape Ear Cuff, $49.40

Tiny sparkles

Perfect for women with cropped or a pixie hairdo, go for a small statement piece which is sure to grab everyones attention. You can also mix and match silver, gold, rose gold and gun metals for a down-to-earth look.

How To Style Ear Cuffs

We recommend: Pixie Cuff Lobe Earrings, $343 (exact match)

Swarovski crystals

Swarovski crystal-plated ear cuffs are a must-have for any fashion lover. Clip on at the bottom of your ear lobe, or even switch it up and wear it on the top. Rose gold pieces are perfect for women who want a pop of colour, but are scared about going all-out with gold-plated jewellery.

How To Style Ear Cuffs

We recommend: Ryan Storer Rose Gold Mini Ear Cuff, $223

Which ear cuff would you wear?

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