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How To Style An Envelope Clutch

How To Style An Envelope Clutch

Clutches are cute and easy ways to carry all your essential items without bringing an oversized handbag. Envelope clutches come in a variety of colours, sizes and textures which are suitable for almost any event at hand. We show you how to style the trend, for an endless variety of outfit combinations.


Pack away that dreaded handbag you’ve been using over the past few years, and opt for an envelope clutch instead. Make sure you choose a neutral colour, as this is most suitable for the office and can be easily accessorised with almost anything. A patent black clutch is perfect if you want to be modern, yet still very polished.

How To Style An Envelope Clutch

Date and drinks

Bring along a fun and flirty clutch to your next dinner/drinks date – one which will fit all the essentials without looking like you’ve packed a survival kit! This is where you can get a little experimental with colours and textures, especially if your outfit is mostly monochromatic.

How To Style An Envelope Clutch

Special occasions

Cream or beige clutches work best if you have a special occasion such as an engagement or wedding right around the corner. Choose a smaller envelope clutch to fit your mobile phone, money, keys and of course compact mirror for those regular touch-ups!

How To Style An Envelope Clutch


Bring along an oversized clutch to replace an old handbag – simply if you’re heading to the movies or even down to the grocery store. It’s your choice whether you want an oversized or tiny clutch which holds only the essentials.

How To Style An Envelope Clutch

How would you style an oversized clutch?

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