How To Style A Mini Bag

March 19, 2015
How To Style A Mini Bag

Whether it’s through street style snaps, the Instagram feed, or in the latest issue of your favourite fashion magazine, there is no denying that the ‘it’ bag this season is, well, mini.

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Who has the strength or stamina to carry around a huge tote bag filled with everything they could possibly need, and then some? Here are just a few ways to wear the mini bag for any type of occasion.

Oversized sweater

Whether you’re a brunch type of girl or just prefer waking up after noon on the weekend, then you’re probably well acquainted with the oversized sweater. Spruce up your outfit by pairing it with a structured mini bag and finish off with a comfy pair of sneakers.

How To Style A Mini Bag

Fluffy coat

While we’re slowly heading towards the warmer weather, a fluffy coat is a must-have for the in-between seasons. Choose a cross-body mini bag to store all the essentials (phone, lipstick, keys, cards) and leave everything else at home.

How To Style A Mini Bag

Tank top

Refine an otherwise casual outfit with the help of a classic, black mini bag. If you like monochromes such as Sara Donaldson from Harper and Harley, choose a textured material which will stand out amongst your outfit.

How To Style A Mini Bag

Denim jeans

Take those standard denim jeans to the next level by pairing them with a warm jumper and a mini bag. It can act as the stand-out piece of your outfit, and just think of the cost-per-wear, score!

How To Style A Mini Bag


Match your bag to your outfit (especially if it’s a bright pop of yellow) for a real stand-out ensemble. Our favourite is this picture of blogger Golestaneh spotted below at Paris Fashion Week.

How To Style A Mini Bag

Ankle boots

Pair your favourite ankle boots with a cross-body mini bag for ultimate comfort and style. If your outfit is looking a bit plain and lacklustre, throw on a scarf to keep cosy in the colder weather.

How To Style A Mini Bag

Leather jacket

Nothing says ‘I mean business’ like a leather jacket and it’s also the perfect accessory for those cooler nights. Layer with a sweater or long-sleeve blouse, and throw on your mini bag over the top. Store your essentials in the pouch for easy access throughout the day or night.

How To Style A Mini Bag

Images via Poppy Delevingne, Golestaneh, Lei Van Kash, Symphony of Silk, Sonya Esman, Harper and Harley, The Zhush

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