How To Style A Scarf in 5 Ways

February 21, 2015
How To Style A Scarf in 5 Ways

We’re obsessing about cosy accessories to keep us warm.

Scarves are an essential since they can be worn in a number of ways, and will never go out of style! If you’re already researching your next autumnal purchase, we show you just why it needs to be a scarf.

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Double loop

Loop the scarf at one end, then place it at the centre of you neck. Simply thread through the rest of the scarf, and tighten as preferred.

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Create a traditional tie to keep the cold away by creating a loop, and threading through the entire length of the scarf. Then, pull the loop over the neckline, and thread it through just once more.


Wear your scarf like a snood by creating a small knot with the ends. Then simply loop it twice around your neck, and tuck your hair in at the front.


French twist

Ideal if you have a short and thin scarf since it usually sits at the base of your neck. Fold each corner inward then wrap around your neck and cross the ends behind. Pull everything forward and tie a single knot in the middle.


Blanket scarf

A warm and cosy wear to wear a thick scarf which covers your entire torso. Create a loop and position the scarf in the middle of your neck. Take opposite ends of each side, and create a dainty knot in the centre of your torso. Make the scarf appear thicker by lightly tugging at each side.


Extra: Shawl

If you have a thick scarf, why not wrap it around your jacket? It will surely keep away the cold, and look stylish at the same time!


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