Most Stylish TV Characters Of All Time

August 27, 2014

In honor of the 67th annual Emmy Awards, we’ve decided to take a look back at our favorite fashion icons in television. Here is our top 10:

10. Jessa Johansson – Girls 
Jessa is Brooklyn’s bohemian dream. She continues to drive us wild with her impressive collection of kimonos and effortlessly styled hair. She’s the kind of girl that could roll out of home in a tablecloth and make it an instant trend.

college fashion

9. Rachel Green – Friends  
We loved Rachel when she was a waitress in white tees, mini skirts and overalls. Our adoration grew as we watched her grow up, get a job at Ralph Lauren, and realize her destiny as a fashion icon. While Rachel had an impressive wardrobe, her claim to fame was those trendsetting tresses.

fashion train blogspot bustle.com

8. Patsy Stone – Absolutely Fabulous
We expect nothing less from a supermodel-turned-magazine fashion director! Who didn’t love Patsy’s chic suits, beehive hair-do and dark sunglasses?

bbc america2 telegraph UK

7. Marissa Cooper – The OC 
Only millennial teens will understand the gravity of The OC’s impact on our wardrobes. Marissa’s west coast style was built around flat shoes, beach party dresses and preppy polo shirts.

luckymag2 luckymag luckymag3

6. Charlie’s Angels – Charlie’s Angels 
You can’t single out an Angel, so we’ve chosen the whole cohort. Their seventies glamour shaped the style of an era, and continues to be called-upon whenever flared jeans make a comeback. Think: gold accessories, Farrah Fawcett hair flicks, and high-waisted trousers.

daily mirror

5. Mary Ann and Ginger – Gilligan’s Island 
For decades now, women have often been categorised as one of two male fantasies: Mary Ann or Ginger. Mary Ann was the ultimate girl-next-door in pigtails and mini shorts, while Ginger was the bombshell with a wardrobe of animal prints and glamorous evening gowns. Which one are you?

parade fanpop2
4. Olivia Pope – Scandal
Olivia, like her style, is powerful, sophisticated and sexy. Thank Olivia for many of this year’s trends, including tailored suits, robe coats, and white.


3. Blair Waldorf – Gossip Girl
This Manhattan princess was the envy of every girl in NYC, with a wardrobe full of expensive designer-wear – and Daddy’s bank account to play with. While Blair’s partner in crime, Serena Van Der Woodsen, was close competition, we can’t go past Blair’s bold choices and uncanny ability to accessorize.

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2. Betty Draper/Francis – Mad Men
Before Megan sashayed in with her with her youthful, mod style and fresh-faced charm, Betty Draper was inspiring women around the world to embrace sixties housewife glamour in a way they hadn’t since the era itself. It was difficult to choose which of Mad Men‘s leading ladies would represent them on this list. But Betty’s Grace Kelly looks, flawless red lips (how?), and full, floral skirts have captured our hearts and held our gazes since the very first season.

vanity fair vanityfair

1. Carrie Bradshaw – Sex and the City  
Remember the lingerie? The giant flower accessories? The Manolo Blahniks? Sex and the City’s costume designer, Patricia Field, became an overnight celebrity; every outfit featured in the first film because an instant trend (gladiator heels, anyone?); and the show single-handedly spurred a worldwide obsession with stilettos. Others have tried, but nobody has managed to make the same cultural and sartorial waves since Carrie and her friends.


Images via College Fashion/Bustle.com/Fashion Train bloodspot/BBC America/Lucky Mag/Daily Mirror/Fanpop/Parade/Lifestyle Mirror/The Magenta Blog/Vanity Fair/In Style. 

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