Succulent Nails Are The Most Eco-Friendly Nail Trend You’ve Ever Seen

October 27, 2016

That’s certainly one way to get a green thumb!

Just when we thought we had seen everything imaginable in the world of nail art (spray-on nails, egg-themed nails, even fur nails), comes possibly the most off-the-wall nail trend we’ve ever come across: live succulent nails.

Australian artist Roz Borg, who uses succulents to create stunning terrariums and jewelry pieces, recently decided to – quite literally – branch out to other mediums, and stumbled upon a technique for creating living nail art with tiny succulents.

Borg’s revolutionary look is achieved by attaching miniature succulent plants to acrylic nails using floral adhesive, allowing them to set, then gently attaching the acrylic nails to fingertips. The entire process can take hours, but the result is equal parts fashion fantasy and work of art.

As an added bonus, the 3D live succulent nails are about as eco-friendly as it gets, as the ‘chipped’ pieces will simply turn to compost when they fall from the wearer’s fingers.

“The Oasis glue eventually releases and I can plant the baby succulents and they can grow happily,” Borg told The Huffington Post.

“It’s definitely a temporary green thumb.”

But never fear, if trying to do your jeans zipper up with succulents attached to the end of your fingers isn’t your idea of a good time, these green-thumb inspired nail art designs capture the essence of Borg’s idea in a beautifully subtle – and much more wearable – way…

1. These ravishing roses.


Tutorial here.

2. These lovely ladybugs.


Tutorial here.

3. This superb shrubbery.


Tutorial here.

4. These perfect palms.


Tutorial here.

5. These artistic autumn leaves.


Tutorial here.

6. This golden goodness.


Tutorial here.

7. And this sparkly greenery.


Tutorial here.

Images via pinterest.com and instagram.com.

Comment: What’s the craziest nail design you’ve ever rocked?


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