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June 18, 2009

Our SheSaid health expert, Lisa Vance, answers all your top questions. Check ’em out and file ’em to memory now!

Can drinking green tea help with my sugar cravings?

“There is evidence to suggest that drinking green tea can help to control blood sugar levels, which when unbalanced can trigger sugar cravings, so indeed a possibility, depending on the cause of the sugar cravings. If you are suffering with regular sugar cravings, supplementing chromium (as chromium polynicotinate or chromium picolinate) can be very effective.”

Will a multi-vitamin help me have more energy?

“Very often yes, particularly if you are not getting enough nutrients from your diet. If this doesn’t help, you may want to supplement an additional B complex, and get your blood sugar, iron levels and liver function tested. Eating well, exercising and getting enough rest are key players in achieving great energy levels!”

What can I take to increase my libido?

“Depending on whether you are a male or female, there are various things you can take. You may want to start by isolating any deficiencies or the cause of your low libido, whether it be lifestyle e.g. high stress, hormone imbalances, neurotransmitter imbalances or nutrient deficiencies. Some general supplement suggestions that may help though: start with the basics: a good multivitamin, a vitamin B complex, and making sure you are getting enough essential oils (e.g. omega 3 and 6). Certain amino acids like tryptophan and arginine can be helpful and certain herbal supplements can be effective (Rhodiola for women, and Ashwaganda for men).”

Can eating certain foods boost your immunity for winter?

“Absolutely. Some of the best options are garlic (a clove a day), fresh fruit, especialy berries, guavas, kiwi fruit, oranges, lemons, mandarins (all high in vitamin C) and fresh vegetables like carrots (rich in vitamin A (betacarotene) which is great for your mucous membranes), and horseradish helps to keep sinuses clear! Fresh fruit and vegetables not only contain lots of essential immune enhancing nutrients, they also contain antioxidants and phytonutrients which are protective against cancer and other diseases (so boost your immunity all year round by eating loads of seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables!)”

Nutritionist Lisa Vance is the creative director and founder of I’ve Got Life, an organisation built on the philosophy of Joie de Vivre meaning “the joy of life”. You can visit Lisa at her website at www.ivegotlife.com.au

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