Sugared vintage accessories under $100!

November 19, 2009

Get jewellery that stands out from the crowd with these gorgeous vintage pieces.

SheSaid reader Belinda Mestric started her own vintage jewellery line, Sugared Accessories, after she came across an amazing stock of 1960s lucite bangles and rings in the US – all unworn, old factory stock.

“I purchased quite a large amount and then realised there was no way I could possibly ever wear them all in this lifetime,” she says. “That’s how Sugared Accessories started. The collection grew to include designers that I source from overseas – I really try focus on pieces that are unique and not readily available in Australia.”

And they certainly are unique! Here are a few of our faves, all available at www.sugared.com.au

Frog Prince Crystal Ring, $59

Monsoon Stripe Silk Bangles, $68

St Tropez 24K Gold Plated Bangle, $92

Strawberries & Cream Vintage 60s Bangle Set, $25

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