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Summer Beauty Trends And Must-Have Makeup Products

Summer Beauty Trends And Must-Have Makeup Products

Summer Beauty Trends And Must-Have Makeup Products

International makeup artist Sarah Patricia shares the hottest new beauty trends and must-have makeup products for the summer.

What is inspiring you in make-up right now?

Sarah Patricia: I live in such a beautiful place, Sydney, where I’m surrounded by the calmness of the beach and the warm golden sunlight, a lot of my inspiration comes from this. I like simple, natural and accessible fashion and beauty. We have been seeing a lot of this at the latest fashion weeks in London, Paris and New York. The colour palettes in both fashion and beauty are naturally chic and earthy.

What are the hottest new beauty trends that we can see coming out of fashions weeks around the globe?

Sarah Patricia: Skin has a beautiful luminous glow, which I always love. It’s all about the monochromatic colour palette right now. We’re seeing soft browns on the lids, peach cheeks and rose brown on the lips.

Gone are the days of barely there eyebrows and we are now welcoming a more luscious and slightly groomed eyebrow. The eyebrow shape is making its mark and stayed for many seasons.

We’re seeing a bit of a bright lip occasionally popping up on the runways. I like to wear a beautiful clean face with a great lip.

What are your tips as a model and makeup artist for beauty that lasts all day?

Sarah Patricia: For beauty that lasts all day, I have to say there’s no quick answer. It’s about healthy dewy naturally beautiful skin. Cleanse from the inside and take care of your skin, lots of water, healthy lifestyle, moisturizer and a little vitamin D to give you a slightly golden glow.

Celebs are known to love your beauty style – tell us why?

Sarah Patricia: I think beauty is all about enhancing ones natural beauty. I change each look for each person to adapt and enhance their great features. For me it’s not all about the “in style” , but rather I adapt the current trends to suit each individual.

What’s a hot new product that’s come onto the market that you love?

Sarah Patricia: I’m loving the lipseal from Natural Compatibles, add this on top of your favourite lip colour to have it last all night long, not a single smudge.

What is the must-have product of the season?

Sarah Patricia: This season grab yourself a great bronzer to take you through summer with a beautiful summer glow!

What are your tips for achieving the perfect pout?

Sarah Patricia: The perfect pout is about getting the balance of the lip shape right as most people’s lips are not perfectly symmetrical. Always line the lips first and correct the shape before applying the lip colour. If you make a mistake you can always use a flathead brush with a little bit of foundation to clean up the outside line.

How would you apply this to an every day look?

Sarah Patricia: A great foundation is key to a flawless natural complexion. Using Natural Compatibles Wet & Dry Foundation in your preferred skin colour (light, medium or dark) will give you all over coverage. This works amazingly to create a nude and natural canvas which is your base to apply either a dramatic eye or colourful lip.

Whats the key colour trend for summer and how should we incorporate it into make-up?

Sarah Patricia: We are looking for colourful pieces to add to our wardropes and one way to do that is by accessorising so why not accessorise with your make-up. Use different hues to add a pop of colour to your eyes, cheeks and lips and this is a great way to take your look from day to night.

Its all about keeping it light, nude and natural for the day time and adding a splash of colour for the night, keeping it vibrant yet elegant. Think fresh, warm and energetic hues for the summer season!
Make-up trends making waves this summer are strong eyes while keeping the rest of the face nude and natural. Alternatively we are also loving a pop of colour on the lips while keeping the eyes natural and light, but most of all its about a feminine and fresh look. Essentially its all about the face, so keep you hair pulled back in a ponytail as those are making a comeback too!

For the tips on how to apply natural beauty make-up, the perfect pout, smokey eyes, flawless finish and taking your look from day to night, view Natural Compatibles make-up instructional videos

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