Summer Beetroot Salad Recipe

November 9, 2014
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Healthy doesn’t have to be hard and it certainly doesn’t have to be boring. Add some summer colours to the table with this beetroot salad. It’s easy to make, great for getting the kids busy in the kitchen and full of goodness.

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Ingredients (family-sized serve)

2 medium-sized fresh beetroots

2 medium sized potatoes

2 tomatoes

1 cucumber

2 large (or 4 small) dill gherkins

½ bunch of coriander

2 shallots

Sunflower oil



  1. Boil the beetroots and the potatoes. Keep in mind that beetroot can take a while to boil (30 minutes or more depending on the size). Leave to cool down. It’s ok to do the cooking earlier in the day when you have time for it, then come back to preparing the salad later.
  2. Dice the tomatoes, cucumbers and gherkins in a large bowl.
  3. Peel and dice the potatoes and beetroots. Add to the bowl. This is a great job to outsource to your kids, especially if you’re trying to teach them cutting skills. Both of these ingredients are soft and easy to cut even with a very blunt knife. Plus the kids are more likely to eat veggies in a meal that they’ve prepared themselves.
  4. Chop the coriander and the shallots and add to the salad. If you have kids, who dislike shallots or anything that looks like grass, you may want to serve the coriander and shallots separately and invite everyone to add to their salad as they wish.
  5. For the dressing use 2-3 table spoons of sunflower oil and add salt to taste. The salt will draw the juice out of the tomatoes and this, together with the gherkins, will give the salad its unique flavour.
  6. Mix well and it’s ready to serve!beetroot salad.

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