Summer hair detox

January 24, 2006

Summer hair detox

Your hair needs a holiday too
Your hair can get stressed out too, so it?s important to make sure you treat it well and use products that keep it in shape. According to Barney Martin, of Barney Martin Hairdressing, factors like overexposure to sun and chlorine, frequent blow drying and use of straightening irons will add additional stress to your hair. Do the right thing by your hair and?
– Always use products that suit your hair type
– Give your hair a treat, in the form of a treatment
– Protect it from the sun?s harmful rays
– Try and let your hair dry naturally once in a while, to give it a break from overheating

Fine, limp hair
Summer heat and humidity can make fine hair really quite limp. If this is the case, try changing your shampoo and conditioner as you may have developed a build up in the hair ? this can make it become heavy and limp.
Try out…
Kosmea Everyday Balancing Shampoo & Conditioner: These products actually live up to their name, as they’re light, doesn’t strip your hair of nutrients and doesn’t weigh it down with product. It is made from Australian macadamia and jojoba oils plus wheat and soy proteins to help rebuild damage hair and with the added organic rose hip oil, it smells great! RRP $16.95 each

Wear a hat
Always wear a hat to protect your head and hair from sun damage. After swimming, especially in chlorinated water, remember to rinse hair with fresh water. Don?t get too much exposure to the sun as colour will fade and blondes will yellow.

Beware going too blonde
Martin warns, beware the peroxide bottle this summer and take care when colouring your hair ? always consult your hairdresser first. It?s important to speak to your hairdresser about the colour you want, as blonde colours will lighten with exposure to the sun.

Barney adds ?when blonding hair, you also need to be prepared for your hair to become more dry and lose some of its shine – this is why the right conditioning products are crucial.?

BARNEY MARTIN HAIRDRESSING is located at 399 Riley Street, Surry Hills, NSW.
Ph: 02 9212 0204

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