Summer Nail Care Tips

October 16, 2013

Sure, we’re obsessed with nail colour, but nothing beats healthy manicured nails, especially in summer to flaunt at the beach, pool and parties. There’s never been a better time to whip your nails into shape.

Just like your skin, nails can suffer from dehydration with UV rays stripping them of moisture, causing dryness and flaking. Sun-worshiping and swimming can also ravage and weaken the nail bed and chip your mani/pedi, meaning nails, which are made of protein (keratin), need extra protection during summer.

To transform your nails from brittle to beautiful, Bio Sculpture Gel’s Marketing and Operations Manager, Talya Bergmann, recommends using vitamin-based products that can help combat the damaging effects of the season, and shares her expert tips for perfect summer nails:

Buff up
Remove dead skin cells from hands and feet and polish your skin with an exfoliating product to provide the perfect base for your manicure and pedicure. If you suffer from cracked heels apply cream to nourish the affected area.

Try: Product Notes: Bio Sculpture Apricot Kernel Scrub, $20.00 and Bio Sculpture Heel Balm, $20.00.

Mask it
Feet and hands can benefit from a moisturising mask just as much as your face can. For a decadent warming effect, wrap hands or feet covered with your mask in a warm towel and leave for 10 minutes before rinsing.

Try: Bio Sculpture Mint Mask, $20.00.

Defend hands and feet from premature ageing by the sun’s rays with a nourishing cream containing a UV filter which will leave them feeling hydrated and soft.

Try: Bio Sculpture Hand Cream, $20.00.

Prep work
Prepare nails by removing stubborn skin from the nail plate and around the cuticle area with a softening cream or oil. Use weekly to maintain healthy cuticles.

Try: Bio Sculpture Cuticle Remover, $17.35.

First base
Apply a conditioning base coat to strengthen weak nails and protect from discolouration.

Try: Bio Sculpture Executive Base, $24.75.

Get glossy
Finish your manicure or pedicure with a protecting top coat containing a sun filter that will shield your polish or gel from UV light exposure. Also use to top up the shine of nails.

Try: Bio Sculpture High Gloss Top Coat, $17.35.

Experiment with gorgeous summery nail art designs either at home or when you visit the salon. Choose from art foils, studs, features, lace and snakeskin, which can all be embedded on the nail with Bio Sculpture Gel.

Try: Bio Sculpture overlays start at RRP $50.00 and the Bio Sculpture nail polishes are available to purchase at selected salons nationwide, RRP $19.95.

What’s your favourite summer nail colour?

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