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Summer Party Makeup

Summer Party Makeup

Summer Party Makeup

Sienna Miller is the poster girl for spring beauty – rocking the red lip and neutral eyes trend. But if you think that’s only a look that celebs can pull off – never fear! I’m here to show you how you can pull it off and which products I’ve tried and tested (trust me, you’ll find all these products in my handbag!)


Red lips have made a huge comeback, starting with Chanel releasing a stack of gorgeous reds earlier this year. Think you can’t wear red? You probably haven’t found the right shade.

Still not sure? Red lips make the teeth look super white, so you may want to rethink your can’t-wear-red rule. The best brands for red are MAC, Chanel and Christian Dior, so go in and try a few different shades on. Trust us, there’s a red for everyone.

Makeup artist Amber White says: “Always moisturise your lips with a good lip balm before applying red lip colour. Red can bleed into those fine lines but if you moisturise beforehand, you’ll soften these tiny lines and prevent that messy look.

Our favourite product: MAC lipstick in Russian Red (also comes in gloss). Wear alone or layer together for the most comfortable, wear-to-the-shops red.


If you’re going for the bold red lip, keep eyes neutral. A quick wash of satin beige, sable or champagne tones will freshen up the eye area (who said you had a late night?). Line the eyes with an off-black liner, such as bronze or eggplant. Keep the liner clean and sharp for day, smudge at night.

Smashbox recommend lovely long lashes with mascara applied from root to tip, preferably after using an eyelash curler. Apply two coats then blink to catch any extra mascara.

Our favourite product: Bobbi Brown Cream Eyeshadow in Beach Honey, the perfect warm sand shimmer to wear on its own or layer with other shadows.


Now that the weather is warming up, anyone with a proneness for shine will be running for cover. But stop right there! A good primer lets your skin breathe while also creating the perfect canvas. Philip Luque from Youngblood recommends moisturising, then squirting a tiny amount of primer (say a 5c piece size) into the palm of your hand and emulsifying with your finger tips. Apply over your skin, and while still damp, brush with your foundation or loose powder.

Don’t forget that you’ll most likely pick up some colour from the sun so your usual foundation might not suit (hello pale face and tanned body!). You could buy a new foundation – or you can just apply a light sweeping of bronzer over the face and neck. Or try this: Dr Hauschka has a fabulous liquid bronzer – just a drop mixed in with your foundation will give you a perfect summer glow along with your regular coverage.

Our favourite product: Arbonne Virtual Illusion Makeup Primer. A cult product that unlike other primers doesn’t contain nasty silicone.


There’s nothing prettier than healthy, glowing cheeks in spring and summer. But choose the right shade: pale complexions should opt for subtle apricots and candy pinks. Medium tones look stunning in coral with a hint of shimmer. Dark skin should try plum and watermelon shades.

And remember sparkle and shimmer are two different looks: sparkle has a much grainier glitter look – save that for Halloween. Shimmer blushes suit most people but look out for fine shimmer or it can look frosty and sit on the skin instead of looking like real skin.

Our favourite product: Stila Rouge Pots in Water Lily and Lotus melt into the cheeks for a glow-within blush which lasts all day.

What are your favourite makeup products for the hot weather?

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