Summer reading list (cont)

January 10, 2006

Summer reading list (cont)

Family Wanted
Writers? adoption stories
Edited by Sara Holloway
Allen & Unwin

For anyone affected or even intrigued by adoption, this book is a must read. Family Wanted is a series of mainly autobiographical short essays and stories from all three perspectives involved in adoption: the children, the adoptive parents and the birth parents. Adoption is confusing, heartbreaking, thrilling and regretful. It affects everyone in different ways, as seen in these tales. Each has a different story to tell: one writer tells of a desperate struggle to adopt a child from overseas, another writes of his alienation with his overly religious adopted family, and another writes of her intense joy when she met her daughter for the first time, decades after her birth. These stories are moving and intensely personal. For those struggling to understand, this could provide confirmation that they are not alone.
RRP $39.95

Airmail ? Three women letters from five continents
Kate Fitzpatrick
John Wiley & Sons Australia

This book is a collection of correspondence between a mother and her two daughters, one of whom is writer and Australian actress Kate Fitzpatrick. As they travel around the globe, with locations such as Greece, the United Kingdom, Israel and Madrid, with open and poignant interaction between all three family members. In addition there is commentary on each of the letters to give insight into how the scene is set and what ingredients are missing for it all to be understood. With interesting side tracks about the cultures and attractions in the various places that they visit, the reader can stay interested for more than a while.
RRP $29.95

Double Wedding
Patricia Scanlan

This is the story of two childhood pals that both get engaged at the same time and end up planning a double wedding for all the wrong reasons. Full of petty jealousy and girlish dramas this book is only worth a read if you want to escape the real world and want some true ?chick lit? – ideal for the beach towel!. Fun to read the dramas of the wedding preparation and if you have planned your own wedding recently you will identify with some of the predictable yet funny rows that erupt in any nuptial planning session!
RRP $17.95

Martini A Memoir
Frank Moorhouse
Random House

Martini is not just a description of the history and place in our society of the Martini, it is also a melancholy and magniloquent memoir, rich in its descriptiveness. Frank Moorhouse indulges us in witty and gratifying anecdotes from throughout his life, sharing with us the sometimes sad, sometimes joyous memories. But the Martini is definitely the star of this work, the complexities the uninitiated (such as myself) will find absorbing. With a twist, or with an olive, shaken or stirred, Martini is a heady and rousing read.
RRP $35

Memories of my Melancholy Whores
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Random House

A narration that centres around the life of an aged journalist. After a lifetime of visiting prostitutes, decides to see a girl of fourteen on his ninetieth birthday. Never speaking of interacting with the girl physically, his life changes as he experiences love for the first time. Disturbingly there is a certain innocence to his confessions, given the heavy-hearted tone of the book. Completely smitten with his love for the girl, he writes of it in his weekly column in the local paper which leads to his fame. Throughout the story the main character recalls previous experiences with ladies of the night, and of former loves and heartbreaks. Dark but not recondite, this book is a work of love primarily and of memory second.
RRP $32.95

Football for Dummies
Kyle Patterson
John Wiley and Sons Australia

This is a perfect book to read so you won’t feel like too much of a dill when the World Cup is on in June this year. Here in Australia, we haven?t taken to The World Game as much as, well, the rest of the world. Taking the reader through the basics of scoring and player positions, to tactics and tidbits of football (soccer) lore, greater insight into why this game is so popular can be found. There is also a appendix of ?football speak? so that you can parlay with the best, or at least, understand what they are on about.
RRP $39.95

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