Summer reading list

January 10, 2006

Summer reading list

The Divide
Nicholas Evans
Bantam Books

If you are a Nicholas Evans (think The Horse Whisperer and the The Smoke Jumper) fan then prepare to fall in love with this book too. Evans has veered away from the main animal type story, telling a tale of intrigue about a girl?s body found in the mountains. It begins murder mystery, but soon the story is explaining who the girl is and how her parent’s messy divorce and her addiction to a radical environmental protest group eventually led to her downfall. Evans has a great gift of making you emotionally connect with the characters so much that by the end of the novel you feel you knew them as friends and have gone on this emotional journey with them. One of the best holiday reads of this summer.
RRP $32.95

Goodnight Nobody
Jennifer Weiner
Simon & Schuster

Author of In Her Shoes, (the book behind the hit film starring Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette) has released her latest offering Goodnight Nobody. This is an interesting fusion of murder mystery with poignant chick lit based around former journalist turned housewife Kate Klein. Kate is living in one of those picture perfect, white picket fenced towns in Connecticut USA. Mums in designer clothes and perfectly coiffed hair feed their spotless children organic food, while Kate in her stained clothes and uncombed hair feeds her children discarded candy found in her handbag. When she discovers one of the perfect mums has been murdered, Kate decides to figure out who could have committed such a crime. What follows is an unusual murder investigation from a very human angle.
RRP $19.95

Everymans Rules for Scientific Living
Carrie Tiffany

Quirky and interesting, the story revolves around romance and agriculture. It’s World War Two and the governemnt introduce the ‘Better Farming Train’ which tours Victoria bringing insight into modern life to farmers and their wives. On the train, young independent woman Jean Finnegan meets and marries the love of her life, Robert Pettergree, the wheat and soil specialist, and moves to a property in Wycheproof. Written from the simple perspective of Jean, we find life to be harder and harder for them on the property, culminating with a bittersweet ending. Plenty of interesting characters and the stilted romance between Jean and Robert keeps it all moving along.
RRP $22

The Ivy Chronicles
Karen Quinn
Simon & Schuster

This is Karen Quinn?s first novel and it is definitely worth reading, even just for the fun of it. Light-hearted and entertaining, this book follows the trials and tribulations of parents in New York as they try to get their pride and joy into the A-list private schools. The things these people have to go through is hilarious as well as ridiculous. But when Ivy Ames loses her job, husband and her fancy Park Avenue apartment, she reinvents herself as a private school admissions advisor, to help parents navigate the mind field of the admissions process. This book is actually based on the experiences of the author, who began Smart City Kids which help children secure places into New York pre-schools, which is thought to boost the chances of the child getting into an Ivy League University.
RRP $19.95

Judy Nunn
Random House

Based in the years of 1949 onwards, Heritage tells the story of young Peitro Toscanini and his arrival in Australia and work on the Snowy River Hydroelectric Project. Making friends with other Italians, Germans, English and many others that was the great melting pot of cultures of Cooma in those times. With frightening insight into what it was like for individuals in their homeland in times of trouble and romance for the lucky, Heritage blends history with fantasy easily and captivatingly.
RRP $32.95

Summer Garden
Paullina Simons
Harper Collins

For those who have been following the saga of Tatiana and her Red Army officer love Alexander Belov, you will relish this third and final title in the series. You may wonder, what could possibly happen to these two that warrants another novel, however author Simons covers a huge amount in this one. Tatiana and Alexander have reunited against all odds and are settling in the land of their dreams: America. But with stability comes new problems: can their love last when the drama and instability of Cold War has past and can they find out who each other really are? If you haven’t already read a book by Paullina Simons, start with the first in the series, The Bronze Horseman.
RRP $32.95

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