5 Summer Skin Care Secrets

October 16, 2013

Skin expert Stefan Mazy, director of SkinDNA knows all too well how Australia’s harsh elements can play a crucial role in speeding up the ageing process and working against your skin’s DNA. Read on for Stefan’s tips to help your skin fight back and stay fit through summer.

Hydrate: Hylaronic Acid

Hylaronic Acid is one of those ingredients that are essential for skin hydration. In fact this ingredient makes up a proportion of our skin. Hyaluronic acid in the skin is designed to hold between 500 and 1000 times its weight in water. Because of its hydrating properties, applying this regularly throughout the day will not only help hydrate your skin during summer but also helps replenish the loss of water within your skin.

I often see patients who can never seem to find the right moisturiser – most find moisturisers make their skin overly oily and this become even worse throughout summer.

The product: Hydr8 – it’s ultra lightweight and feels like silk on the skin. At first I recommend patients to carry a bottle in their bag and to apply when needed throughout the day. Eventually the bodies pH levels will balance out and all that is needed is to apply once in the morning and once at night. You have now saved $100-$200 by not using an expensive moisturiser and at the same time helping your skin with its internal hydration.

Plump: Peptide Serum

We have all heard about peptides, but what are they really? Peptides are not to be confused with antioxidants. Peptides help to better the communication between cells in the body so that everything can work at optimum levels. For example, as we age collagen production slows down, peptides help to whip the collagen cells into shape so that they can improve collagen production. Antioxidants on the other hand protect cells from damage. When combined together –  watch out free radicals!

The product: SW Serum contains a specific range of peptides when combined together help to increase cellular turnover, increase collagen production which as a result will help to firm and plump the skin.

Glow: Exfoliating

Ever wanted to know the secret to glowing skin? A light glycolic cleanser is the answer.

For those who own an exfoliator please be careful as exfoliators, especially with the micro beads, are not meant to be used everyday (despite what the instructions say). By constantly stripping away the oil and dead skin will ultimately damage the skins protective barrier. This barrier is made up of oil and dead skin cells. Once damage you’ll find your skin will continually dry out, or become inflamed, sensitive and even over oily. The biggest mistake I see over and over is the assumption that exfoliating more will fix the problem when in fact it makes it worse and thus becomes a vicious cycle.

The key message, exfoliate every now and then. If your exfoliator has micro beads than use it once a week.

The product: Skinstitut Glycolic Cleanser 12%. This cleanser is designed to lightly remove excess oil and dead skin cells – without having to use harsh beads found in most exfoliators. The result, that perfect summer glow without the irritation that many exfoliators produce. Im not one to be a big fan of glycolic cleansers as most people use them wrong – however this particular product I found really beneficial when used every second day.

Repair: Phloretin CF

The product: Phloretin CF is one of the most advanced repairing serums on the market. It has won numerous awards and has been recognised as an all-in-one solution. Phloretin CF is referred to as abroad-spectrum antioxidant. What this means is, it has the ability to protect the skin from harmful radicals produced by the sun. This is not a sunscreen but rather an internal shield. When the sun penetrates the skin the body absorbs all the essential nutrients from the rays. However, what is also absorbed are UV radicals. Phloretin CF is designed to break down these radicals while allowing the body to benefit from all the nutrients. Phloretin is extracted from bark of fruit trees including apple and pear. The product also contains a high dose of L’ascorbic Acid (vitamin c) and finally Ferulic Acid which is a plant antioxidant. When combined together they create a super protective barrier.

Protect: Sunblock

Sunscreen chemicals cannot disperse the energy of the sun’s rays as efficiently and as a result the penetration of sunscreen ingredients into the lower layers of the skin can in fact increase the amount of free radicals produced from UV light.

Artificial sunscreen absorbs ultraviolet light and prevents it from reaching the skin. Sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 8 based on the UVB spectrum can decrease vitamin D synthetic capacity by 95 percent, whereas sunscreen with an SPF of 15 can reduce synthetic capacity by 98 percent.

The product: Invisible Zinc on the other hand is what is referred to as a natural sun blocker – think of it as a film that protects the skin without having nasty chemicals that can do more damage than good.

What are your favourite summer skin care products?

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