Summer Skincare That Won’t Break The Budget

November 13, 2012

You don’t need to spend a ton on skincare to have healthy, radiant skin. If you believe basic really is better when it comes to skincare, you’ll love Caroline Monet’s (of Caroline’s Skincare) summer beauty tips on a budget.

Make your own tinted moisturiser

Rather than purchase tinted moisturisers or lighter foundation, simply mix your current foundation with moisturiser to give you a lighter look. If it doesn’t already contain one, you can mix a sunscreen in with your foundation too.

Test sunscreens for sensitivity

Before using sunscreens on sensitive areas such as the face and eyes do a small patch test in the crease of your arm or on the nape of your neck. If the area becomes irritated do not use it.

Always follow with sunscreen on top

If you are prone to or suffer from an existing skin condition, apply your remedy and follow with a layer of sunscreen over the top.

Rinse off chlorine immediately

After swimming in chlorine pools always rinse off as soon as possible. If you are prone to skin problems this will help keep them at bay during the summer months.

Use sand to exfoliate

Don’t forget about your hands and feet. A great exfoliation when you are at the beach is to mix water and sand and massage into your hands and feet for a few minutes. It’s also great for dry skin around the calves. Rinse off with seawater. Your feet and hands will feel invigorated.

Protect your scalp

Thankfully we have less scalp problems in the summer months because we have cooler showers. However, hair can become brittle and dry from the effects of the sun and swimming in chlorine. Just remember when conditioning hair to only use the product on the ends and not the scalp. This helps reduce product build-up that can cause itchy and dry scalp problems.

Don’t turn green!

Another great tip for blondes, including children. Apply a small amount of conditioner to hair before swimming to prevent it from turning green from the effects of the chlorine.

Fresh is best

Hydrating your skin is a must. As well as applying moisturizer regularly, drink lots of water. To nourish your skin from within drink freshly-squeezed fruit juice, eat fresh fruits and leafy green vegetables.

Soothe with aloe vera water

Sunburn, unfortunately, is a bane of summer. If you do get sunburnt take a cool bath and you can also make a simple soothing remedy such as aloe vera water (below). Also applying Caroline’s Cream on sunburned skin relieves the stinging and helps prevent peeling.

How to make aloe vera water for relief from sunburn and as a general facial skin tonic:

Take two or three chunks of Aloe Vera leaves (preferably from the older outer leaves of the plant), cut off outer green leaf and wash the yellow sap from the Aloe gel. It is very important to wash this yellow sap off thoroughly. Place aloe vera gel into 6 – 8 cups of water, steep in hot water for a few hours, put liquid into blender to mix any remaining chunks of gel then place liquid in fridge to cool.

Store the aloe water in the refrigerator. To use saturate cotton pad or cotton balls and gently cleanse (wipe over) affected area. Pat skin dry. It can also be used as an everyday tonic for the face, neck and décolletage) as well as being highly effective for acne prone skin. Effects: Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and removes excess oil and dead skin cells. A totally rejuvenating tonic for the skin. Do not consume as a drink.

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What’s your favourite budget skincare tip?

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