Super sexy bedroom tips

January 31, 2006

Super sexy bedroom tips

Sex: The Whole Picture (Nicole Beland – Rodale/Pan Macmillan, $49.95) is described as being the ultimate how-to for lovers. It?s certainly comprehensive! Filled with very detailed images and explanations of exactly how to perform certain positions, you?ll be a sex expert in no time at all. The first part is all about the act of sex and different ways to do it, with chapters focusing on men?s pleasure, women?s pleasure, intimacy, oral sex and sex toys among others. The second section is a very comprehensive guide to sexuality, with detailed discussion about other deeper topics related to sex, such as pregnancy, relationship sex, fantasies and STDs. If you?re hoping to surprise your man, read on for some saucy tips.

“Women on Top? Yes, please. More women in more cultures are revelling in their sexuality than ever before. Shaking off the good girl/bad girl dichotomy, members of the fairer sex are embracing the reality that they can be shy and submissive one night, and brazen and unbridled the next ? or change from moment to moment. And rather than respond to a man?s desire for them to be one way or the other, women are making the decision based on their own mood, the nature and setting of the encounter, or on nothing more than a whim. Women are also becoming increasingly comfortable initiating sex, asking for what they want, and controlling the action. All of this is very good news for men ? it?s those wonderful women who have the courage to fully express themselves sexually who are the most skilled, creative and exciting lovers.

Rear View
?The female bottom is a work of art that many men love to watch moving gracefully ? or gyrating wildly ? during sex. The following positions also provide an eye-opening view of the penis sliding into the vagina, as well as deep, intense penetration.

“For her: Lean far back to make your clitoris a focal point for pleasure either by stimulating yourself, or asking him to do the honours. If you sit up straight, you not only vary penetration, you can give you partner a stimulating view and caress his testicles.

“For him: Stimulate the clitoris directly with the pads of your fingers or your thumb. Use a side-to-side motion and light to firm pressure. Caress her breasts and legs, brush your fingers through her pubic hair and give her clitoris gentle attention. If she leans forward, you can sit up and kiss her spine and caress her buttocks, maybe even give her a small massage. To help her balance, place your hands on her hips, or slide them under her buttocks and help lift her up and down.

Lap Dance
?Full frontal seduction can make a woman feel incredibly sexy and in control. These positions are also fantastic for inducing orgasms, because they give a woman a chance to dictate how and when she wants to change positions, and to grind as quickly or slowly as she needs to come. Climb on top of your partner as he sits in a chair. Let your legs fall comfortably on either side of his body and grab the back of the chair, using it to rock your body back and forth. Confidence is crucial. Don?t second guess what you want to do, just do it. And don?t hold back when it comes to grind with gusto. If your clitoris requires a lot of friction, then go ahead and move at the speed of light. Your partner will be thrilled to see you getting into it and letting go. Sit in a way that allows for the deepest penetration and then alternate tucking your bottom forward and then thrusting it back to create friction between your clitoris and his abdomen, and simultaneously moving his penis inside your vagina.”

This was an extract from Sex: The Whole Picture

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