Super sexy story from Tilly Bagshawe!

July 6, 2009

Love raunchy, juicy chick lit? Then start your week off with this X-rated extract from one of our favourite women writers, Tilly Bagshawe, and her saucy new book, “Flawless”.

“Jake, be careful! You’ll lose the stones!”

The panic in Julia Brookstein’s voice was unmistakable as she reached down the side of the bed, her long fingers searching blindly through the cream shag-pile carpeting for a missing pink diamond.

“Sweetheart,” Jake Meyer’s gravelly, infinitely sexy North London accent whispered in her ear. “I carried these stones across three continents. I ran checkpoints full of armed police in Chechnya, saw off bandits in the hills of Kazakhstan, and even made it through a knife fight with some particularly tricky Triads in dear old London before I got them this far. Trust me, I’m not going to lose the finest natural pinks I ever laid eyes on under a bed in Beverly Hills. Now come here.”

Pinning both her arms above her head in the soft, marshmallow mound of pillows behind them – how the **** did she and Al sleep on so many pillows? The must get terrible neck ache – he ran his tongue slowly along the length of her collar bone, the stubble on his chin barely grazing the tops of her massive, perfectly spherical breasts. Scattered across the black satin counterpane were more glittering diamonds, each the same translucent pink of guava flesh. Scooping some up with his left hand, Jake began dropping them carelessly onto her naked body, smiling with satisfaction at the way they glowed against the smooth, bronzed skin of her belly and thighs.

“Oh, Jake!” she gasped, clutching wildly at his blonde hair as his tongue moved tantalizingly lower. Her legs had begun to twitch with excitement, and he could feel her toes stiffen and arch beneath him, a sure sign that she was close to a climax. “Put one inside me! Please. I want to feel it inside me!”

Jake Meyer had slept with a lot of rich, married women like Julia. They were his bread and butter as a diamond dealer in Beverly Hills, and seducing them sexually went hand in hand with the job of seducing them with the gems he brought back from Russia and Africa. Or in this case, from a little known facility in New Jersey that made some of the best simulants – fake diamonds – in the world. The little pink stones that Julia had so admired were in fact man-made garnets and were almost completely worthless. But they looked the part.

Sliding further down the bed until his feet touched the padded satin footboard and his head was positioned perfectly above Julia’s billiard ball-smooth waxed pussy, he slipped the largest of the pink stones in his mouth. Grinning as her butterscotch thighs parted like the Red Sea to receive him, he gently pulled apart her glistening pink labia and, using his tongue, pushed the ‘diamond’ high up into the hot, wet tunnel of her vagina.

“Hmmm.” She moaned with pleasure, clamping her legs tightly around him, and he glanced up just long enough to see the lust dilating her pupils and her lips open expectantly before returning his attention to her clitoris. Flicking his tongue across it as lightly as a dying butterfly fluttering its wings, he mentally counted to three. Right on cue Julia came, stifling her cries with a pillow as her body shuddered with spasm after spasm of pure ecstasy. With each wave of orgasm, the stone slipped lower and lower, until eventually it oozed out of her body back on to the bed, dewy-wet and shining with her juices.

“Beautiful. Like watching an oyster giving up its pearl,” sighed Jake.

This is an edited extract from “Flawless” by Tilly Bagshawe (Orion, June 2009, $32.99)

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