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11 Super Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Make On The Cheap

11 Super Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Make On The Cheap

You don’t have to spend a fortune to show you care.

Valentine’s Day is here, and love is, quite literally, everywhere. Your fave stores most likely have a tempting V-day sale, with a lush window display littered with lace and giant red love hearts.

Shopping for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is fun – who doesn’t like to shop? – but sometimes it can mean so much more to give your other half a heartfelt homemade gift that shows exactly how much they really mean to you.

The problem is, DIY-ing a gift can be often be more expensive than just buying a gift – not to mention the pain of attempting to clean up a glitter explosion or cut chunks of glue from your hair.

Luckily, there are some adorable DIY Valentine’s Day gifts you can make on cheap that will definitely score you some bonus points for the love and effort you put into it…

1. A coupon pack of cute dates 


Filled with ideas for cute date nights, you can personalize this gift to suit your partner and their interests, like ‘going for a hike’ or ‘eating ice cream by the beach’. Whatever you fill your date book with, this idea is super sweet and extremely cheap to put together. Tutorial here.

2. Make your own romantic bath bombs 


If you want to pamper your partner, it’s surprisingly easy to make your own bath bombs. Using a heart-shaped mold instantly makes these Valentine’s Day worthy, and you can use essential oils and colors you know your significant other will love. Tutorial here.

3. Write a bunch of ‘Open When’ letters


This gift takes a little time and creativity, but it is possibly the most romantic present ever! Fill envelopes with letters for your partner to read when they miss you, or when they’re feeling down, and so on. Add photos and small surprises, and you have a one-of-a-kind gift that really shows how much you care. Tutorial here.

4. Brew up some custom bourbon


This can be a bit on the expensive side, depending on the brand of bourbon you buy, but the money spent will pay off with a specially brewed bourbon made just for your partner. Infuse the alcohol with your SO’s fave flavors and drink it together: it will be like love in a bottle. Tutorial here.

5. Give them a corny (or thorny) plant


This is an amazingly cute gift, especially if your other half has a green thumb and is a fan of bad puns. It’s simple and cheap – all you need is a printer, a plant, and a cute pot – but it will last a long time, just like your love (hopefully). Tutorial here.

6. Make a bar of soap for the caffeine addict in your life 


If your Valentine can’t function without a massive cup of coffee in the morning, this is the perfect homemade gift, because this cute bar of soap looks exactly like a Starbucks cappuccino. Hopefully, your partner won’t take it as a hint that he or she needs to shower more – but even if it does, so what? This gift is cute as hell. Tutorial here.

7. Cute homemade breakfast in bed


A classic Valentine’s Day tradition, but one that’s always appreciated. If you’re really strapped for cash, this is the DIY gift for you. All you need to do is cook your lover’s fave breakfast, print some sweet (and free) love-heart labels, and deliver the goods to your sleepy partner. Tutorial here.

8. Carve your initials on a tree

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 5.27.20 pm

If you want to give a gift that’s an old classic, this smaller-scale romantic gesture is the way to go. Instead of a fully grown tree, find the perfect log, carve your initials in a heart and, voila! All the romance of a tree carving, but much more portable. Perfect. Tutorial here.

9. Make cute as heck heart mugs


Who knew making your own mugs was so easy? This DIY gift is perfect because you can use the template to make any kind of mug you want, customizing it to your partner, perfectly. If you have some Sharpies and boring old mugs lying around, it’s even cheaper, but it will still be priceless to the lucky lover who receives it. Tutorial here.

10. Combine flowers and candy in the sweetest of ways 


If your partner has a sweet tooth, this gift is perfect. Just buy their favorite flowers and candy and fill some cute jars with them. And as a bonus, they can double as a scrumptious centerpiece for a Valentine’s Day dinner. Tutorial here.

11. This cute sign you can use all year long


This cute frame has a blank space for you to write a reason you love your partner, which can be updated as often as you like, all year round. This gift is extra special because it’s important to tell your partner you love them even when it isn’t Valentine’s Day. Tutorial here.

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Comment: Will you be DIY-ing your Valentines Day gift this year? 

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