Supercharge Your Day With This Simple Morning Ritual

July 9, 2014
daily intentions, setting daily intentions, morning routine, morning rituals

Sometimes my days start like this. I hear the alarm. The baby next to me is still sleeping after a wakeful night, so I press the snooze button. Then I press it again. Finally, the older kids wake me up, because it’s nearly time for them to go to school. I rush into the kitchen struggling to get their lunches ready while checking my phone. I feel stressed out and ready to go to back bed before the morning has even started. And as the day goes on, it doesn’t get any better. Am I the only one or does this sound familiar?

While I wish I had a relaxed morning routine that included meditation and exercise, at this time in my life it would be a big stretch for me. But there is one simple morning ritual even the busiest mum can do. It only takes a minute and it can completely transform your day.

daily intentions, setting daily intentions, morning routine, morning rituals

This ritual is setting a daily intention.

Daily intentions are short statements to capture the essence of the day you want to live. To choose your intention, take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and ask yourself, ‘What do I want my day to be like? How do I want to feel?’

You can choose a word to describe a feeling – for example, ‘peace’ or ‘joy’.  Or your intention can be a short reminder to yourself like ‘Slow down’, ‘Be present for my children’, ‘See kindness in people’.

Once you’ve chosen your intention, write it down. It makes you feel more committed to it and it also helps you remember it. Then every time you find yourself stressed, upset or angry, you can take a few breaths and come back to your intention for the day. How can you bring more joy into what you’re doing? What can help you feel more peaceful?

The best time to set your intention is first thing in the morning, but there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t do it as soon as you remember. At any moment you can choose to shift your focus and invite more of what you want into your life.

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By Tatiana Apostolova

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