Surprise celebrity pregnancies?!

February 28, 2006

Surprise celebrity pregnancies?!

Britney Spearsbeing pregnant with her second child, only months after giving birth to Sean Preston. Apparently in January, the 24-year-old was annoyed that so many people were looking at her in a high-end furniture store in Malibu, so grabbed her ample belly and announced to the crowd: That’s right, number two!? Then, only last week she was rushed to a Malibu hospital under the guise of her son suffering from constipation. According to insiders, she was actually suffering from stomach cramps and was throwing up. Friends verify, telling In Touch magazine: “Britney is definitely pregnant again. She’s acting the same way she did when she was pregnant with her first child.” Whether she is or isn?t, she certainly is relying on her nanny?s help quite a lot, as seen in the photo (right).

Liz Hurley is usually known for looking tiny, taut and terrific in sexy, thigh high dresses. You can imagine how surprised fellow fashionistas were to see a slightly bulging belly being shown from her figure hugging outfit last week at a Versace Fashion Show in Milan. This further adds to the speculation that she is expecting her second child, which has been rife since she was seen leaving an antenatal clinic in London in January. It intensified when she refused to ski while visiting a Swiss ski resort with partner Arun Nayer and son Damien. However this latest spotting has intensified the rumours, one onlooker saying: “She’s famous for being fantastically trim but her bulge was unmistakable. It certainly got tongues wagging.” Only last month, Liz was heard saying: “Arun really wants one. I’ve discovered what a joy children are, so we’ll see. I’d secretly like twins.” Despite the rumours, Liz is denying a pregnancy, her rep saying they are: “100 per cent categorically untrue.” How embarrassing, poor Liz was probably just having a fat day.

J-Lo and Marc Adopting
Jennifer Lopez has been spotted shopping for baby clothes recently, not because she?s pregnant but because she?s planning on adopting a baby! Apparently last week Beverly Hills baby boutique Petit Tr?sor closed their doors so she and husband Marc Anthony could shop in private. According to friends, “she’s been trying to get pregnant with Marc’s baby for the last year with no luck. The older she gets, the more the deck is stacked against her having her own biological children.” Having seen Angelina Jolie and Meg Ryan happily adopt children has made Jennifer rethink her baby plans. According to one friend, she has even thought about what type of baby she?d like: “I think J.Lo would love to adopt a Puerto Rican baby, so the child can share its heritage with her and Marc.”

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