Surviving the party season: the singles guide

December 12, 2005

Surviving the party season: the singles guide

It?s not called the ?silly season? for nothing. December and January in Australia is undoubtedly the best party season of the whole year. The combination of warm weather and annual celebrations including Christmas and New Years and the promise of holidays all mean we?re out later, drinking more and having a grand old time. But is it a good time to meet a man?

According to Kathy B, author of books including Charm School: The Modern Girl’s Complete Handbook of Etiquette, Happy Endings and SheSaid’s advice columnist, says now is the perfect time to meet some hot men, as generally people are friendlier this time of year. ?Don?t waste one opportunity. Now is the time to say hi to that cute guy you?ve been swapping shy little smiles with all year long at the gym or on the bus. It?s Christmas after all!?

26-year-old Jackie says the festive spirit definitely helped her hook up with her partner. ?I?d met James a couple of times through mutual friends and thought he was very cute. When I ran into him at a bar on Christmas Eve a few years ago, I figured I had nothing to lose and made it my aim of the night to talk to him and see if he was as nice as I remembered. It’s two years on and he?s still the best Christmas present I?ve ever had.?

Even if you don?t have a guy in mind, now is the time to keep an eye out. Kathy B suggests organising a casual function with friends, such as a game of barefoot bowls at a local RSL club. ?You can play late afternoon, ask for some tips for some guys playing nearby and easily end up having drinks with them late into the night. It is a great casual way to get to know groups of guys.? Even if there?s no talent, it’s still a great way to enjoy the afternoon sun and a few drinks with your girlfriends.

What if that guy you?ve been making furtive looks at all year is a guy from work? Kathy B says that although the alcohol-fuelled work Christmas party may seem like the perfect time to make a move, you might want to hesitate before taking the plunge. After all, you want a job to come back to in the New Year, right? According to Kathy B, flirting is ok, but not anything further. ?Whatever you do, do not pash or grope a co-worker in view of anyone. It will come back to haunt you when your rendezvous is providing all the juicy material for the office gossips for the coming year or when you are wondering why people aren?t taking you seriously when you apply for a prestigious promotion.? If you ascertain your crush reciprocates your feelings, the best thing to do would be to choose another place to begin your affair. ?The bottom line is if you want to cross that line with a co-worker crush, don?t do it within a five kilometre radius of the party or your office. And if he?s attached, just don?t go there.?

By Bliss Baker

Next week: Surviving the party season: the couples guide.

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