21 Sustainable Gifts Which Are Good For The World

December 3, 2018

Because Christmas shouldn’t hurt the planet. 

Sustainable living is more important now than ever, so it’s no doubt you’re looking for eco-friendly gifts for your loved ones this year. It can be tricky to know where to start in finding sustainable products but we’ve done all the research so you don’t have to.

Don’t get caught up in unethical consumerism this Christmas. Here are our top sustainable stocking stuffers that your friends (and the planet) will thank you for.

1. Pukka Bamboo Tea Cups

For enjoying a hot beverage on-the-go, this cup is reusable, easy to use and dishwasher-friendly and is made from the world’s most sustainable crop.

Buy it here.

2. Community Trade Gift Box

Handmade with love in Nepal this personalized gift box is made from cotton off-cuts from textile garment factories and helps provide fair working conditions to nearly 400 people.

Buy it here.

3. Vaya Insulated Lunch Box

Ditch the plastic with this sleek and innovative stainless steel lunchbox. It comes with customizable features so you can choose the perfect size and color.

Buy it here.

4. LUX Jade Face Roller

Keep this hand-carved Jade roller cool and roll over the face to depuff and calm the skin without using harmful chemicals or products.

Buy it here.

5. LUSH’s ‘Snow Fairy’ Naked Body Conditioner

Lather up and embrace the anti-packaging movement with this natural body conditioner made from Fair Trade cocoa, avocado and mango butters.

Buy it here.

6. Organic Cotton Tote Bags

For the ethical shopper, these completely customizable, eco-friendly cotton bags guarantee fair wages, access to safe working conditions and healthcare to farmers and factory workers in India.

Buy it here.

7. Flora & Fauna Bamboo Toothbrush

Replace disposable plastic toothbrushes and get scrubbing with this affordable, biodegradable bamboo toothbrush with customizable features.

Buy it here.

8. JOCO Artisan Glass Reusable Cup

Reduce your carbon footprint with this glass reusable coffee cup which is equal parts good for the environment as it is stylish and chic.

Buy it here.

9. Plant-Dyed Napkin Set

Brighten up a table and support a local community with these affordable custom napkins made in small batches with zero-waste in a sustainable dye factory in Bali.

Buy it here.

10. Boys Tarun Pant & Tee Holiday Set

Inspire kids to make a difference in the world with this 100% cotton Pajama set. Every purchase invests in job-creation and skills-training programs for women in India who are at the highest risk or survivors of sex trafficking.

Buy it here.

11. Constellations Cleansing Oil

This gentle cleanser is made from 100% natural, ethically sourced raw ingredients and a portion of the proceeds help sponsor a child through World Vision and an Orangutan via The Orangutan Project.

Buy it here.

12. Glacier National Park Cedarwood Forest Candle

Save the parks with this soy-blend wax, hand poured candle that supports the Glacier Conservancy.

Buy it here.

13. Room Service Sheet Set

Help your loved one rest easy with these luxurious 100% cotton sheets which don’t use harmful inorganic pesticides and fertilizers and have little to no water pollution.

Buy it here.

14. NO BOUNDS SPORT Portable Bluetooth® Speaker

For environmentally friendly music lovers, this convenient and stylish speaker is crafted from repurposed fabric, silicone, cork, and recyclable aluminum.

Buy it here.

15. Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle

This lightweight and affordable reusable bottle is made with eco- friendly materials and the company works with other organizations that are working to fight climate change.

Buy it here.

16. LUSH ‘Sleepy’ Naked Shower Gel

The perfect shower gel to lather on before heading off to dreamland, this vegan, lavender-scented lotion is part of LUSH’s Naked range, which means there is no plastic packaging.

Buy it here.

17. Ceramic Sand Cylinder Vase

This funky fair trade vase was hand thrown and glazed in Bali and uses local sand.

Buy it here.

18. Minimalist Card Wallet

This trendy custom leather wallet is made entirely by hand by a woman-owned business and helps to empower women in India to live in freedom.

Buy it here.

19. Eco Tools Anniversary Collection Brush Set

This seven-piece make up brush set is both vegan and cruelty-free and made from bamboo and recycled aluminum.

Buy it here.

20. Lux Aestiva’s Luxury Scent Set

This 100% vegan incense is skillfully handcrafted from sacred Palo Santo wood and is collected from naturally fallen trees. It is traditionally used for spiritual purifying, energy cleansing and healing by the Incas and is considered to be some of the highest quality incense in the world.

Buy it here.

21. Pod & Parcel (Sustainable and Compostable Coffee Pods)

This Christmas gift pack is perfect for any coffee lover, it features six different specialty coffee roasts and is biodegradable and compostable.

You can buy it here.

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