Would You Use A Threesome App?

If you’re tired of ye’ olde Grindr, Blendr and Tinder, say hello to 3nder – the new dating app for threesomes. 3nder (pronounced “thrinder” in case you were wondering) allows singles and couples to hook up with each other and create their perfect (or maybe just average) threesome. According to its website, 3nder is “the easiest way to form a trio, without the knowledge of your friends and family”.

Like Tinder, the app allows you to browse and select couples or singles you’re interested in based on a small profile. On top of a photo or two, you’re asked to list your interests, desires and the gender and sexuality of your preferred partner/s.

So the pros and cons of 3nder:

Pro: You can find a threesome near you…

Con: … Or up to 200 miles away. Are you really going to travel 200 miles for a threesome? Really?!

Pro: You could fulfill a long-time fantasy

Con: Since you’re engaging with strangers, this fantasy could very easily go awry

Con: 3nder will indeed keep your habits private from your friends and family… but it will cost you! Your profile remains public unless you pay to go “incognito” which will only hide you from your Facebook friends.

Pro/Con: I don’t think many people have cottoned-on to this new service, so options are limited. The pro: No need to worry about bumping into someone you know.  The con: Finding a threesome near you is the whole point of the app. How can you find someone if nobody is there?

The bottom line is that a threesome is a tricky venture to master. It can be awkward and requires some decent sexual skill and a liberal attitude. If it were easy, perhaps we’d all be having them. And if you’re not having them already, perhaps it’s a sign you’re not ready to launch yourself into a sexual situation you didn’t have enough game to arrange in-person. You also need to be safe. While online dating is common, the risk is increased when you pit two against one.

However, if you feel capable and prepared go forth and 3nder!

August 23, 2014