7 Dope 90s Trends That’ll Make You Hella Nostalgic

Brown lipstick, butterfly clips, and body glitter? Word. 

90s Trends: How To Style A Bandana

One of the latest fashion trends to make a comeback from the nineties has got to be the bandana. Whether you choose to wear it around your wrist, in your hair, around your neck, or on your bag, this trend is a great way to bring some extra style to any outfit.

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Thread it through your hair, around your head or even in your ponytail to bring a casual element to any outfit. It can hide messy hair on those in-between days! We love how bloggers are wearing this trend during summer and winter weather.

90s Trends: How To Style A Bandana street-style-bandana-headscarf-8


For those colder days, you can simply tie the bandana around your neck to protect against the cold. Match it with a comfy sweater, structured blazer, or even a long-sleeve shirt for extra warmth.

90s Trends: How To Style A Bandana 90s Trends: How To Style A Bandana


To bring a casual-cool element to your outfit, tie your favourite bandana onto the zipper of your bag. This is great if you want to inject some colour into your style without fear of going over the top.

90s Trends: How To Style A Bandana 90s Trends: How To Style A Bandana

Arm candy

Why not add it to your wrist for some extra arm candy? It’s the perfect way to bring some edge to jewellery which is classic in style. Blogger and author Leandra Medine from Man Repeller shows us how to make this work with denim and stripes.

90s Trends: How To Style A Bandana 90s Trends: How To Style A Bandana

What are some of your favourite ways to style the humble bandana?

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90’s Makeup Trends Making A Comeback

This autumn/winter season designers were taking inspiration from the nineties to create those bold, sultry looks which pop on the catwalk.

Big brows, kohl-rimmed eyes and lined lips were just some of the trends making it big in 2015. What are the rest? Find out below!

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Dark eyeshadow

Where: Christian Dior

Blending out the eyeshadow at Christian Dior was overrated this season, with makeup artists choosing to create a dark, statement eye.

Start with a beige shade to cover the entire lid, then layer on each shadow before finishing up with a shimmery metallic (best for photos).

90's Makeup Trends Making A Comeback

Lip liner

Where: Saint Laurent

Hedi Slimane didn’t disappoint this season in the makeup department by pairing a bold eye and a dark lip. Use a lip liner to carefully highlight the shape and size of your lips, then colour the rest in with a glossy formula. Re-apply as needed.

90's Makeup Trends Making A Comeback

Grunge eyes

Where: Diane von Furstenberg

The grunge look was back better than ever at DVF with models sporting one earring to match.

A blending brush will be your best friend for this look, to perfectly create a subtle smudge on the inner corner of your eyes. Use with cream eyeshadow since it’s so easy to blend and creates a lived-in look à la Kate Moss!

90's Makeup Trends Making A Comeback

Purple lips

Where: Marc Jacobs

Create the perfect lip stain by applying just one coat of your lipstick, then blotting it with a tissue. Not only does it help the colour settle into your lip lines, but it also enables it to last longer without a touch-up.

90's Makeup Trends Making A Comeback

Dark brows

Where: Isabel Marant

Keeping with the 90’s theme, brows where filled in at Isabel Marant this season. The natural look was embraced with hardly any maintenance, and who really cares if they don’t match your hair colour, right?

90's Makeup Trends Making A Comeback


Where: Rodarte

Remember those old glitter stick-on’s you would place strategically around the eye and lash-line? Rodarte created a similar look this season to really make the entire look sparkle on the catwalk.

90's Makeup Trends Making A ComebackImages via style.com