16 Totally Impractical Fashion Items We Want Anyway

Who cares if they’re impossible to walk in when they look this good?!

6 Under $20 ASOS Accessories You Need In Your Life

Because I’ve been shopping for years and I still don’t have anything to wear.

Designer Watch: Karen Wohlsen Of indyK

Up and coming fashion designer Karen Wohlsen launched her namesake label, indyK, in February, 2015. indyK is a brand dedicated to the effortlessly chic woman and is made from light fabrics that are quick and easy to wear.

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Her bright leather bags and cuffs are a great addition to any outfit, from a summer festival to your everyday dressing. Karen gives us her top tips on living a well-rounded life and showing personality through your wardrobe.

How did you start indyK? 

I started by making clothes for myself and as I started making them, friends liked what I was wearing, then I made some for them. It all happened very organically and effortlessly, which is the ethos by which I run indyK also.

New Designer To Know: Karen Wohlsen of indyK

What’s the best way for women to showcase their personality through style in the corporate world? 

The best way in a corporate world is to make sure you dress for the job and while corporate dressing can sometimes be bland, it is important to have an element – whether the shoes, the accessories, the suit, or the shirt – to reflect an aspect of yourself.  If you love colour, the easiest way to add a splash is through your accessories or your makeup. If you’re ever unsure, don’t be afraid to ask your HR department if the colour ways you’re incorporating work within their uniform policy.

Which women inspire you and why? 

I love strong, fiercely independent women with great style. Rosa Parks, Emmeline Pankhurst, Emma Stone, Diana Vreeland, Coco Chanel, Mary Quant, Angelina Jolie… These women have all empowered their femininity and other women through their various endeavours and risk-taking, and should all be admired.

New Designer To Know: Karen Wohlsen of indyK

One handbag for always, or multiple handbags for different occasions? 

Multiple handbags for different occasions and looks!  The bags and shoes make an outfit.

How do you support other women? 

I celebrate their successes and I am there to help them when they stumble. I’m also the first to pop the champagne on a Friday and debrief about my week with girlfriends.

New Designer To Know: Karen Wohlsen of indyK

How can women become confident and sure in themselves and about their life path? 

One of the hardest parts of being a human can be having confidence in your life choices, especially when we’re (luckily) surrounded by so many options. I find a glass of wine and a notebook and pen writing out your life goals and dreams is a nice way to start, and then breaking down those goals and how you can reach them makes them more manageable. Ultimately, if you have any doubt or are feeling negative about something you’re doing or portraying, it’s worth taking a step back and looking at why that is and then making changes until you feel happy again.

What is your one tip for wellness? 

Touch everything you do with love. Always come from a place of love and if something feels bad, surround it with love and release it.  This goes for family, food, exercise, relationships and work.

Must-Have Summer Festival Accessories

Whatever festival you’re heading to this year, it’s important that you deck yourself out with the right accessories for the occasion. However, the accessories you should be wearing can greatly differ, depending on which event you choose to attend. Here’s what to wear to the main ones:


Line up: Jamie T, Kanye West, Florence and the Machine, Mary J. Blige

Taking place: 24-28 June, Somerset

Accessory required: The bum bag

If you were lucky enough to nab tickets for this year’s Glastonbury then there’s only one thing you need – a funky bumbag. Forget the negative associations that go with these great accessories, and definitely remove those memories of your Grandad donning one for the annual family day out at the beach with his tiny swim trunks, simply purchase a bright zip up version to snap around your hips.

T in the Park

Line up: Avicii, Paloma Faith, Hozier, Sam Smith

Taking place: 10-12 July, Perthshire

Accessory required: The crochet kimono

Prepare to dance and swish your kimono as you bask in the sunshine, while your favourite songs are performed by crooners such as Sam Smith, George Ezra and Paloma Faith at this year’s T in the Park festival. It’s the perfect lightweight accessory to throw over your summer dress or crop top and shorts and sites such as Blue Vanilla have lots of great styles ready for summer, over in their shop.


Line up: Rudimental, Jessie Ware, Ella Eyre, Hot Chip

Taking place: 17-18 July, London

Accessory required: The flower crown

This is definitely the festival that calls for flower crowns and bold eye make up, with huge dance artists hitting the stages, Lovebox was made for the music loving, wild types – head to Crown and Glory to pick up a pretty floral crown, perfect for the occasion.


Line up: The Fratellis, James Arthur, De La Soul, The Skints

Taking place: 15-16th August, Gloucester

Accessory required: The legwarmers

Nothing says ‘sports theme’ like a pair of legwarmers, pulled on over your favourite Nike trainers and Sportbeat is a unique event combining the best of both worlds: music and exercise. With lower key bands such as The Fratellis and The Skints confirmed, on top of sporting events such as volleyball, rugby and netball tournaments, this is a festival that will leave you breathless.

V Fest

Line up: Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding, James Bay plus special guest Tom Jones

Taking place: 22-23 August, Essex, Shropshire

Accessory required: The transfer tattoo

Transfer tattoos are big news on the accessory scene this summer and come in a huge range of styles and colours, so you should definitely consider finishing off your festival look with some arm candy that rubs off – hey, even Beyonce wears them!

A dainty, gold arm tattoo from a high street store such as Topshop or River Island looks great on tanned skin with a crop top, denim shorts, wellies and a backpack – which let’s face it, you will definitely be wearing. Simply rub on with water then rub off when you’re done!

Reading and Leeds Festivals

Line up: The Libertines, Mumford and Sons, Metallica, Deadmau5

Taking place: 28-30 August, Leeds and Reading

Accessory required: The hair chalk

An all star Indie line up, complemented by dance acts such as Deadmau5 should bring out the bright and alternative people who definitely don’t mind streaking some bold colours throughout their hair.

You don’t have to be brave with a tinting brush and pot of semi permanent hair colour though, simply pick up some hair chalk from somewhere such as Urban Outfitters or Topshop and get creative with your look, streaking it through your locks before you head down to the festival. Don’t forget to take it with you to top up your colour if it rubs out!

90s Trends: How To Style A Bandana

One of the latest fashion trends to make a comeback from the nineties has got to be the bandana. Whether you choose to wear it around your wrist, in your hair, around your neck, or on your bag, this trend is a great way to bring some extra style to any outfit.

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Thread it through your hair, around your head or even in your ponytail to bring a casual element to any outfit. It can hide messy hair on those in-between days! We love how bloggers are wearing this trend during summer and winter weather.

90s Trends: How To Style A Bandana street-style-bandana-headscarf-8


For those colder days, you can simply tie the bandana around your neck to protect against the cold. Match it with a comfy sweater, structured blazer, or even a long-sleeve shirt for extra warmth.

90s Trends: How To Style A Bandana 90s Trends: How To Style A Bandana


To bring a casual-cool element to your outfit, tie your favourite bandana onto the zipper of your bag. This is great if you want to inject some colour into your style without fear of going over the top.

90s Trends: How To Style A Bandana 90s Trends: How To Style A Bandana

Arm candy

Why not add it to your wrist for some extra arm candy? It’s the perfect way to bring some edge to jewellery which is classic in style. Blogger and author Leandra Medine from Man Repeller shows us how to make this work with denim and stripes.

90s Trends: How To Style A Bandana 90s Trends: How To Style A Bandana

What are some of your favourite ways to style the humble bandana?

Images via Style Caster, They All Hate Us, Fashion Vibe, Man Repeller, Style Diaries, Style Book

The Art of Layering: How To Style Arm Candy

We layer our clothes, makeup and skincare, so it was only a matter of time before jewellery followed suit. Following in the footsteps of Leandra Medine who herself coined the term “arm party,” we’re showing you just a few ways to layer up those accessories.

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Mixed metals

If choosing between gold, silver and anything in between proves too difficult, you could always mix your metals. Not only will this give you a unique look, but it’s really effortless to create.

The Art of Layering: How To Style Arm Candy


Incorporate your watch to the arm party since it gives a classic feel to your accessories. Just remember, you don’t have to spend a small fortune on a good-looking watch!

The Art of Layering: How To Style Arm Candy


Friendship bracelets are a great way to bring a personalised touch to any type of arm candy. You can make your own with thread, beads and any additional accessories and can even gift matching ones to your best pals.

The Art of Layering: How To Style Arm Candy


Experiment with rings and hand-chains to bring a modern take to your look. Not only are these pieces easy to wear, but they are classic and will last the distance. If you’re into silver, invest in a few custom pieces which will grow with your look.

The Art of Layering: How To Style Arm Candy


A pop of colour is another essential part of layering your look since metals can sometimes feel too heavy and industrial. A fun beaded bracelet or bangle is the perfect way to start wearing this look.

The Art of Layering: How To Style Arm Candy

Images via Glitter Inc, Man Repeller, Tumblr, Tommy Ton,

5 Must-Have It Bags of 2015

If you’re looking for the ultimate accessory to complete your look, then a handbag is just what the doctor ordered. Whether you need it for work, on a casual basis, or even as a dinner and drinks clutch, look no further than the following five must-have bags for 2015.

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Louis Vuitton Pochette Métis

Made from the classic monogram canvas known by Louis Vuitton, this bag is an everyday staple which fits all of the essentials. The gold lock closure keeps all your things secure and looks amazing paired with almost any outfit. The handy shoulder strap is also ideal if you want to carry this bag as a cross-body, or even as a clutch.

5 Must-Have It Bags of 2015

Chloé Drew Shoulder Bag

The calf-leather shoulder bag by Chloé is the perfect accessory to any outfit. The gold hardware is right on trend this season and can be worn as a clutch, cross-body bag, or even on the shoulder. Don’t be fooled by its small appearance, this bag can fit so much inside!

5 Must-Have It Bags of 2015

Poppy Lissiman Game Over! Clutch

If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful alternative for a night out, anything by Poppy Lissiman is sure to fit the criteria. This bag is 100 per cent cruelty free and the bright graphics are a must-have.

5 Must-Have It Bags of 2015

Céline Trio

While any bag by Céline seems to be a complete sell-out, you can’t beat this particular classic which is loved by bloggers all over the world. It features three separate pouches which can be interchanged, worn as a clutch or even as a cross body during the day time.

5 Must-Have It Bags of 2015

Yves Saint Laurent Universite Bag

We’re wrapping up this list with one of the most coveted bags by Yves Saint Laurent. The classic style still remains true to the initial design aesthetic, but it features a leather strap which can be worn from day to night. Fit all the essentials including your phone, makeup, keys and wallet into this stunning bag.

5 Must-Have It Bags of 2015

Image via The Handbag Project

How To Pull Off The Single Earring Trend

It’s one of the biggest trends of the past year and it’s still as relevant as ever: The single earring. From the runways in Paris to the red carpets of pretty much every award show, the single earring is making appearances everywhere at the moment, but how do you pull off this rather unusual look without people constantly telling you that you have lost one of your earrings?

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It can be a bit tricky to wear one big statement ear piece only, but if you get it right, you are very likely to be the best accessorised person in the room wherever you are. Here are a few tips on how to style the single earring trend:

1. Find the right balance

Wearing a single earring should not be taken too literally. You shouldn’t leave your other ear un-accessorised, but instead choose a small earring like a simple stud or pearl depending on what your statement earring looks like. This is the key thing to remember in order to avoid comments by others about your “lost earring.”

2. Opt for a cuff

If you’re new to the single-earring-game and you want to play it safe, opt for a cuff earring on one of your ears. Whether it’s a studded cuff or a simple chain adorning your ear, it will give you that edgy but chic look you’re after.

3. Stay focused

Don’t make wearing one statement earring more confusing by combining it with a sparkly necklace. Instead, leave your neck bare and draw all the attention to your bold ear piece choice. Make sure you wear your hair up or at least styled to the opposite side of your bejeweled ear and let your single earring shine.

 Image via thefashionspot.com

Storage Solutions For Your Handbags

Most women are obsessed with shoes. I am obsessed with handbags and simply can’t say no to buying yet another one. It’s just way too easy to fall in love with a bag; you don’t have to try them on, it doesn’t matter what size you are, and there is a time and place for any style. The problem? Fitting dozens of handbags in your wardrobe.

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If you don’t have the luxury of a big house with a walk-in closet and tons of storage, your handbags might end up scattered on top of cupboards, under beds, or simply be in the way. However, if you are a bit smart about it, there are clever storage solution for your precious purses, totes, and clutches.

1. A simple shelf

This might be a no-brainer, but installing a simple wall shelf on which you can not only store, but also put your bags on display, is an easy solution if you are smart about the location of the shelf. Consider the unused wall space above a desk or chest of drawers to get your bags out of the way.

handbags storage shelf


2. Hanging storage compartments

This is such an easy and effective storage solution, all you need is a hanging rail (the one in your closet or any other cupboard works) and foldable hanging compartments, which you can get for little money at Kmart or Ikea. No tools needed to install, these compartments will hold your bags and make it easy for you to find them.

handbags storage hanging shelf

3. Door hooks

The space behind your doors is often unused and therefore makes a great storage location for your handbags. Simply attach hooks on your door to hang your bags on.

handbags storage door hooks


4. Hangers

If you have some space on your clothes rail left, you can hang bags on hangers just as you do with your clothes. Just make sure you use metal hangers as plastic will usually not be able to hold the weight of bigger bags and therefore break easily.

handbags storage hangers

Images via houzz.com, crystalinmarie.com, organizeit.com, eillelacheap.com, stylebookapp.com

The 5 Most Stylish iPhone 6 Cases

So you got your new Iphone 6, you’ve installed all your apps, you’re ready to use it and you have sworn that this time you will not crack the screen. Rather than not taking it anywhere and refusing to let your friends use it, just get a protective case for your phone!

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Luckily, the days of boring plastic covers are over, today’s phone cases are super stylish and can actually make your iPhone look better than without one! There are of course countless cases out there so we’ve done the hard research for you and came up with our 5 most stylish Iphone 6 cases.

1. Kate Spade

iphone 6, Kate Spade, case, rosegold

This beauty is the right choice for all fashionistas out there. It’s simple, elegant and a little bit cheeky at the same time thanks to the subtle “kiss and tell” on the back. The rose gold colour looks stunning and is oh-so-trendy.

2. Zazzle

iphone 6, case, macarons

For everyone loving bright colours and sweets, this Iphone 6 case with yummy-looking macarons printed on it is the right choice. But beware, you might get a craving for French sweets every time you look at it.

3. Society6

iphone 6, wood, navy, case

If you’re the preppy kind of girl who likes to wear polo shirts and play tennis, this sophisticated, yet sporty Society6 case will tick all your boxes.

4. The Case Factory

iphone 6, black, quilted leather

This black, quilted leather case will transform your iPhone into an accessory as luxurious as a Chanel handbag. Goes especially well with a diamond ring.

5. Casetify 

iphone 6, case, metallic

We love this half transparent case with a metallic print that reminds us of liquid nail polish.

We want all of them! But which one is your favourite?

images via oliviasstyle.blogspot.ie, katespade.com, zazzle.com.au, society6.com, net-a-porter.com, casetify.com

Classic Jewellery Options For Brides

Finding accessories which are understated to match your wedding dress are often few and far between. For most brides, delicate earrings, minimal bracelets, and fine jewellery are the best options since they don’t take the focus away from the main piece, which is of course the wedding dress.

We have picked out a few favourite styles which are perfect for the bride who wants to add a finishing touch to her entire look.

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Hair clips

Take your hair to the next level with some amazing hair accessories for your wedding day. Clips are perfect if you choose to style your hair up or down, and bring a classic look to any ensemble.

Jewellery Options For Brides


Stick to basic pearls if you want to keep your look fairly minimal, and can only choose one piece of jewellery to wear. Not only are pearls an investment, but you can also wear them after your wedding has passed. They never go out of style!

Jewellery Options For Brides

Tear-drop earrings

For a statement piece of jewellery, you can’t go past a pair of tear-drop earrings. These are almost an essential if you choose to wear your hair in a classic updo. They became the main focus of your accessories, and can even be worn by women without pierced ears.

Jewellery Options For Brides


An embellished headband is one of the easiest ways to transform your look, and keep hair neat and tidy throughout the wedding! This is also an amazing option for women with a front fringe, since it will keep it in place – regardless of windy weather.

Jewellery Options For Brides

Dainty necklaces

If your wedding dress is strapless, then a dainty necklace or choker is the best way to accentuate your décolletage. Stick to something simple such as an infinity sign or your initials, since it’s a nice way to tie everything together.

Although sterling silver is most popular, rose gold and gold pieces are also trendy at the moment, and available at almost every single budget.

Jewellery Options For Brides

Ear cuff

Another popular option of the last few years are classic ear cuffs. Australian designer Ryan Storer creates a number of bespoke pieces which are suitable for both brides and the maid of honour. To highlight this look, keep hair parted onto one side, and clip back to emphasise the ear cuff at all times.

Jewellery Options For Brides

What are some of your favourite jewellery options?

Images via Lullia, Bridal Brid, Catherine Nicole, Style Me Pretty, Wedding Chicks, Tuula Vintage, Pinterest

Welcome To The Jungle: A/W Accessories Report

David Jones’ autumn/winter 2015 fashion collection was showcased to a select group of VIPs in Sydney last Tuesday, but SHESAID readers can also enjoy the ride!

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Here, we showcase the retail giant’s on-trend, new-season animal-print fashion accessories via Sambag, Tony Bianco or Kurt Geiger, just to name a few.

As the big chill sets in, it’s time to access your inner animal instincts and show your personality via top-shelf fashion accessories.

It’s all about heeding the call of the wild! Shop all these wondrous, new-season accessories from leading Australian and overseas fashion designers online via www.davidjones.com.au.

  1. Camilla ruler of the underworld canvas clutch, $79.95.autumn/winter fashion trends, accessories, david jones
  2. Gregory Ladner twill animal border scarf, $39.95.autumn/winter fashion trends, accessories, david jones
  3. Kurt Geiger London britton court shoe, $540.autumn/winter fashion trends, accessories, david jones
  4. Samantha Wills bohemian bardot ring, $79.95.autumn/winter fashion trends, accessories, david jones
  5. Sylvia Toledano red panther swarovski minaudiere with pen, $1999.autumn/winter fashion trends, accessories, david jones
  6. Sambag fifi loafer, $169.95.autumn/winter fashion trends, accessories, david jones
  7. Gregory Ladner wool gloves, $59.95.autumn/winter fashion trends, accessories, david jones
  8. Samantha Wills cavalier necklace, $279.autumn/winter fashion trends, accessories, david jones
  9. Tony Bianco cherry crossbody, $99.95.autumn/winter fashion trends, accessories, david jones
  10. Samantha Wills shimmering dusk earrings, $119.95.autumn/winter fashion trends, accessories, david jones
  11. Tony Bianco moscar pump, $159.95.autumn/winter fashion trends, accessories, david jones

Innovative Jewellery Storage Ideas

Who wouldn’t love to have all their precious jewellery lined up in a neat and tidy drawer?

Most often this isn’t the case (especially if the kids are always going through your things!), but a few essential storage accessories can really help. We share just a few of our favourite ways to store all your jewellery without taking out a second mortgage on the house.

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Creating different compartments for your rings, bracelets, and necklaces is the best way to keep everything neat and organised. This way, you will know exactly where all the pieces are located, and it’s also really easy to clean!

Innovative Jewellery Storage Ideas


Store some of those bigger statement necklaces and bracelets in transparent jars on your desk or table. Look around the house for some empty jars, and simply label them on the outside so they’re quick and easy to locate.

Innovative Jewellery Storage Ideas


Insert little hooks onto the inside of a wooden coat hanger, and display some of your most-worn items. Extremely long necklaces or heavier pieces are best in this type of storage, since they can also be used to design your room!

Innovative Jewellery Storage Ideas

Thread rack

Transform a standard thread rack into a jewellery stand, and hang on the wall as a statement piece. A cheap and cheerful way to display some of your most precious pieces.

Innovative Jewellery Storage Ideas


Smaller drawers traditional used for ties or scarves can be transformed into the perfect jewellery storage. Neatly arrange each piece over a non-slip piece of felt so each piece can stay in place and won’t get tangled.

Innovative Jewellery Storage Ideas

Mug trees

Organise some bangles or bracelets on a traditional mug tree which we all have somewhere in the house! It neatly keeps all your jewellery in one place, and can be stored over a dressing table for easy access.

Innovative Jewellery Storage Ideas

Images via Gurl, Misanthropy Creation, Jen Grant Morris, Home Talk, The Gloss, Who What Wear

5 Ways To Style An Ear Cuff

Spice up your accessories by investing in a trendy ear cuff for 2015. These are fantastic pieces of jewellery which come in many shapes and sizes, and don’t require you to have pierced ears to wear them.

We show you just a few different ways to style your ear cuff for any type of occasion.

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Side braid

A simple side braid is the best way to show off your ear cuff without going over the top. Start as close to the roots as you can, and pin back the braid behind your ear. The rest of your hair will look bouncy and voluminous, so it’s best to part your hair at an angle.

Wear this look like Cara, and accessorise with some other minimal jewellery such as a stud earring or tiered necklace.

5 Ways To Style A Ear Cuff


A high ponytail is a no-fuss way to style thick hair, especially on a hot, humid day! Comb out any front or side bangs for that dishevelled look, and straighten the rest of your hair so it looks super-sleek.

5 Ways To Style A Ear Cuff

Low bun

Make like Lara Bingle and bring all your hair into a low bun, to draw attention to the ear cuff. This is a fool-proof hairstyle which is appropriate for a wedding, work, or even a more casual look. Pair with a bright, bold lip and a bronzed glow to bring out the colours of the ear cuff.

5 Ways To Style A Ear Cuff


For thin hair, keep it simple by tucking away any strays behind your ears. Pin away any loose hairs on the side, for a casual look which is wind-proof. Wear a top or dress which will only draw attention to your ear cuff, and keep the rest of your makeup looking minimal – but a pop of colour on the lips or cheeks never hurt!

5 Ways To Style A Ear Cuff


To achieve a casual look, we have taken inspiration from actress Diane Kruger to wear an ear cuff with a hat. Not only is this the best way to hide a bad hair day (we are all guilty of it!), but also to soften the dimensions of your face. Keep hair simple by leaving it down, or fasten into a side braid or ponytail.

5 Ways To Style A Ear Cuff

Images via NSMBL, Pinterest, Save The Last Pinker, Not Official, Reach Couture

Wardrobe Essential: The Oversized Clutch

If you don’t already have an oversized clutch in your collection, then you most definitely need one!

This simple accessory can be used causally or for an evening out, and is a great alternative to a satchel or handbag. Get some inspiration from a few style icons on how to style your own.

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Printed clutch

If you like to mix your prints, then an eclectic clutch is just what the doctor ordered. Mix and match with some of your favourite cropped pants and blazers for an instant pop of colour during the year.


Tan clutch

Try a neutral or tan coloured clutch if you want to bring some life to a subdued outfit. Not only do these clutches have a great wear, but they are casual enough to use during the day as well as the evening. Choose silver hardware to match your usual jewellery, or rose gold if you love to mix your metals every now and again.


Suede clutch

A suede clutch is a great option if you’re a boho girl at heart, and religiously wear denim and peasant-style shirts. Make like Jules Sarinana and wear a sheer blouse with denim cut-off’s and tribal clutch to complete your overall look.


Black structured clutch

Not only do black accessories compliment any type of outfit, they’re also really easy to find! Fit all the essentials such as your phone, wallet, keys, and a few makeup products into this clutch without the need for a huge handbag. A matte black finish is perfect for women who want to stay away from gold and silver hardware which can shorten the lifespan of a classic clutch.


Envelope clutch

Lastly, a versatile envelope clutch is one of your best options for transitioning an outfit from day to night. Throw in the essentials into this small carry-all, and wear with a pair of stiletto heels for instant glam.


Image via Ivana Revic, Stackdealz, Sincerely Jules, Carolines Mode, My Style Pill

Fashion With A Conscience: Ray-Ban Special Edition

Ray-Ban has released a Special Edition Indigenous Wayfarer in collaboration with the OneSight Foundation, as part of an initiative to improve the eye health of those in remote Australian communities.

The initiative specifically targets Indigenous Australians for whom blindness is six times more likely than other Australians.

The sunglasses feature the artwork of an upcoming Indigenous artist, Saretta Fielding, whose design was selected from a number of artists who submitted their designs as part of a competition held by Luxottica.

SHESAID attended the launch at the Australian Museum, where the Special Edition Wayfarers will be displayed as part of the Indigenous collection. The launch coincided with World Sight Day – the international event dedicated to raising awareness of avoidable blindness and vision loss.

It featured the entertainment of former Australian Idol winner, Casey Donovan, and was attended by an intimate crowd including the famous face of the new Wayfarers, supermodel, Samantha Harris.

The sunglasses will be available at OPSM stores from late October, with $50 from each sale to be donated to OneSight.


OneSight 034 OneSight 128

Casey Donovan (Left); Samantha Harris (Right)

OneSight 023

Saretta Fielding – artist

OPSM_RAYBAN_17.9.14_002 OPSM_RAYBAN_17.9.14_008

New John Hardy Campaign Featuring Cara Delevingne

John Hardy has debuted the campaign for Fall 2014, featuring Cara Delevingne, shot in Bali, the birthplace and home of the John Hardy brand. Featuring Delevingne and Canadian male model Simon Nessman, the campaign was shot in the pristine natural environment in East Bali, capturing the essence of the brand. Adorned in John Hardy’s handcrafted luxury jewelry, Delevingne’s one-of-a-kind beauty and passionate personality shine through the images.

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Delevingne described the experience as “a true adventure” saying: “The team was amazing to work with, the energy and creativity was incredible. The shoot was so raw; I didn’t want to leave Bali.”

John Hardy, Cara Delevingne, Bali

While in Bali, Delevingne took the time to experience firsthand the John Hardy way of life – from the collaboration between designers and local artisans, its workshop where each piece is crafted by hand using ancient techniques, to its Greener Every Day initiative, and the brands continued support of local communities, all integral parts of the brand’s ethos of meaningful beauty.

“I can’t begin to describe how magical it was going to the John Hardy workshop. I was able to see the artisans at work and see how happy they are. I want to live there. The craftsmanship and the pure love that goes into hand-making every piece is so real you can just feel it,” Delevingne said.

The campaign, shot by internationally renowned photographer and film director, Sebastian Faena, under the creative direction of advertising veteran, David Lipman, will be launched worldwide in October. John Hardy was founded in Bali in the 1975 and has established itself as a pioneer of Sustainable Luxury™, with its unique handcrafted jewelry collections available in 27 countries and regions around the world.

John Hardy, Cara Delevingne, Bali

How To Style An Envelope Clutch

Clutches are cute and easy ways to carry all your essential items without bringing an oversized handbag. Envelope clutches come in a variety of colours, sizes and textures which are suitable for almost any event at hand. We show you how to style the trend, for an endless variety of outfit combinations.


Pack away that dreaded handbag you’ve been using over the past few years, and opt for an envelope clutch instead. Make sure you choose a neutral colour, as this is most suitable for the office and can be easily accessorised with almost anything. A patent black clutch is perfect if you want to be modern, yet still very polished.

How To Style An Envelope Clutch

Date and drinks

Bring along a fun and flirty clutch to your next dinner/drinks date – one which will fit all the essentials without looking like you’ve packed a survival kit! This is where you can get a little experimental with colours and textures, especially if your outfit is mostly monochromatic.

How To Style An Envelope Clutch

Special occasions

Cream or beige clutches work best if you have a special occasion such as an engagement or wedding right around the corner. Choose a smaller envelope clutch to fit your mobile phone, money, keys and of course compact mirror for those regular touch-ups!

How To Style An Envelope Clutch


Bring along an oversized clutch to replace an old handbag – simply if you’re heading to the movies or even down to the grocery store. It’s your choice whether you want an oversized or tiny clutch which holds only the essentials.

How To Style An Envelope Clutch

How would you style an oversized clutch?

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How To Style Ear Cuffs

Over the last few years, ear cuffs have quickly become a staple accessory that all women should own. Not only are they readily available, but they can also be worn a variety of ways – regardless of your own personal style. Since ear cuffs are mostly clip-ons, they don’t require any piercings and are great if you want to switch-up your look for a night out.


If you’re new to the trend, why not purchase a piece which is slightly minimalist. This way you can wear it with almost anything, since it won’t make a drastic statement.

How To Style Ear Cuffs

We recommend: Sally Skoufis Claw Ear Cuff, $129.95

Cuff and chain

For a cool, edgy look try an ear cuff with a clip and chain. These types of cuffs usually require a piercing, but they are super-easy to thread through your ears. Keep hair slicked back, and pair with a bold lip for a statement look.

How To Style Ear Cuffs

We recommend: Pilgrim Gold Plated Chain Drape Ear Cuff, $49.40

Tiny sparkles

Perfect for women with cropped or a pixie hairdo, go for a small statement piece which is sure to grab everyones attention. You can also mix and match silver, gold, rose gold and gun metals for a down-to-earth look.

How To Style Ear Cuffs

We recommend: Pixie Cuff Lobe Earrings, $343 (exact match)

Swarovski crystals

Swarovski crystal-plated ear cuffs are a must-have for any fashion lover. Clip on at the bottom of your ear lobe, or even switch it up and wear it on the top. Rose gold pieces are perfect for women who want a pop of colour, but are scared about going all-out with gold-plated jewellery.

How To Style Ear Cuffs

We recommend: Ryan Storer Rose Gold Mini Ear Cuff, $223

Which ear cuff would you wear?

5 Stylish Ways with Spring Accessories

With spring in the air (and in your step) now is the time to add some warmth and colour to your wardrobe.

This season is all about bright colours, edgy graphics, and lots of accessories (think arm party and layering!). Here are our tips on how you can add some pizzazz to your outfit.


Colour pop your outfit

Don’t wait until summer to bring out the bright colours, get into the fun a little early. Bringing a pop of colour to your outfit can be a little daunting, but rest assured, it’s not as hard as you think. Team a black and white outfit with a pop of yellow and you will suddenly bring your outfit to life. Try a pair of bright shoes, a handbag or some other bright accessories to add some colour.

And, if you’re a little more daring, take it up a notch with a bright coloured piece of clothing like a hot pink statement skirt.


The folded clutch

Perfect for daywear or a night on the town, accompany any outfit with a folded clutch for sleek spring style. If you’re not typically a fan on the clutch, many come with an accompanying strap so you can conveniently transform it into an over-the-shoulder bag. Don’t be fooled by their deceiving size, most clutches are very functional and can fit all of your everyday necessities. Have some fun with fabrics too; try a leather, suede or faux fur clutch for something a little different.


Light, flowing scarves

Get rid of those chunky knitted scarves that kept you warm all through winter, it’s time to bring out the light colourful ones for Spring! Scarves are the perfect budget-friendly accessory to add something more to your look. Jazz it up with bold animal prints, or relax your look and choose something light in a pastel colour.


Don’t forget the hat

Hats aren’t the easiest accessory to pull off, so luckily there are plenty of options! Choose a straw hat, rather than a woollen or knitted hat for a breezier, more summery look. Don’t be afraid to add a hat to your daywear (they shouldn’t just be saved for the beach!). Try a fedora if you’re feeling a little hip, or a floppy hat if you’re more of a boho chick.


Make a statement with a bold embellishment 

Don’t be scared to bling-it-up! Whether it’s with subtle statements or extreme detailing, after hibernating in winter, Spring is the time to shine. Eye-catching embellishments can be as simple as selecting an item with a beaded collar or 3D lace…but remember, the key to pulling off this look is moderation. Be confident, and rock this bold look.

These fashion tips are courtesy of a range of retailers at Uni Hill Factory Outlets in Melbourne. For more information visit www.uhfo.com.au or like us on Facebook or follow Uni Hill on Twitter and Instagram @UniHillFO.

What’s your favourite spring accessory?

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