Sex Shaming: India Bans Porn On The Internet

The porn industry may have just lost one of its biggest markets following the ban of pornographic websites in India.

According to Reuters, a government official has confirmed that internet service providers were ordered to block 857 websites including adult dating sites and porn blogs out of fear they’ll become a “social nuisance.”

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“Free and open access to porn websites has been brought under check,” NN Kaul, a spokesman at the department of telecommunications said. “We don’t want them to become a social nuisance.”

What’s interesting – aside from the fact that India invented sex manual Karma Sutra – is that the Supreme Court only last month refused to impose a ban after hearing a petition that claimed porn fuelled sex crime. Instead, they opted to respect the rights of the individual and said they should be free to access such websites in private. The weekend told a different story, however, when several porn sites became inaccessible and instead displayed a message that read: “blocked on instructions of the competent authority,” reported the Daily Mail.

With India having the second largest number of internet users in the world, what will this mean for the digital porn industry? Perhaps there will be a revival of the DVD or even the VCR, considering there’s plenty of adult films available on EBay. Or maybe the government have caught on to that, also? In all seriousness though, let’s not even begin to imagine what all that pent up male sexual frustration could lead to.

It seems there are a lot of people who are not happy about the ban, understandably, with the hashtag #pornban trending on Twitter over the weekend. One user called @chetan_bhagat wrote: “Don’t ban porn. Ban men ogling, leering, brushing past, groping, molesting, abusing, humiliating and raping women. Ban non-consent. Not sex.”

Best-selling novelist Chetan Bhagat also weighed in on the discussion, tweeting: “Porn ban is anti-freedom, impractical, not enforceable. Politically not very smart too. Avoidable. Let’s not manage people’s private lives,”

According to the Independent, some Reddit users suggested that porn bans fall outside the scope of the law, therefore they could be challenged and possibly revoked in court.

Watch this space.

What do you think about a porn ban being imposed in the internet?

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August 4, 2015