6 DIY Treatments For Acne That Actually Work

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March 30, 2017

Best Natural Products For Summer Burns

There’s really nothing good about a sunburn – skin is red, extremely irritable,and sticking to loose clothes isn’t always an option. To assist with the healing process, hydrate the skin with a few of our natural after-sun products. Just remember to apply a generous amount of sunscreen before heading out again!

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Coconut oil

Who doesn’t love coconut oil? This miracle product actually soothes burns and reduces redness, all whilst keeping the skin hydrated. Apply a new layer every few hours to keep your skin from overheating.

Best Natural Products For Summer Burns

Apple cider vinegar

Trust us, it won’t hurt! Get into the shower and quickly rinse your burns with apple cider vinegar. It might feel a little weird at first, but the apple cider vinegar helps to remove dry patches and heal your skin from the outside. Follow up with a moisturiser before going to bed.

Best Natural Products For Summer Burns

Aloe rose water

Combine equal amounts of rose water and aloe vera into a small bowl. Apply directly onto your serious burns or have a quick rinse in the shower. Not only will it heal your burn, but it smells amazing!

Best Natural Products For Summer Burns

Green tea bags

Fill a bowl with 3-5 tea bags and pour boiling water up to the top. Let the tea bags steep, then wait until the water cools down to room temperature. Apply the mixture right onto your burns to cool-down after a hot day in the sun. You can also apply the tea bags directly to your skin if the burn is small (such as on your forehead or cheeks). Another way to use green tea is to fill up the bathtub and add a few tea bags, then simply sit back and soak!

Best Natural Products For Summer Burns

Grapeseed oil

Apply a tablespoon of grapeseed oil after a cold shower to lock-in moisture and keep your burn from peeling. Repeat this step every few hours to decrease pain and get a good night sleep!

Best Natural Products For Summer Burns

What are some of your remedies for sunburn?

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July 29, 2015

Easy Aloe Vera Fruit Juice Recipe

Aloe vera is a miracle plant and is often cited as a great healing property, with benefits for your skin, digestion, energy and immunity. It is rich in vitamins B12, C and E and is most commonly found in skin products or ointments. However, like most natural ingredients, the best way to get the goodness out of aloe vera is to eat it!

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You might see aloe vera juices in your local supermarket, but these bottled drinks often contain sugar and artificial ingredients that aren’t particularly healthy. To avoid consuming these nasty additives, here is a recipe that is easy to make at home.

Aloe vera is a hardy plant and can flourish in any conditions. For this reason, they make great house plants. If you don’t have your own plant, you may be able to find large aloe vera leaves on sale at fresh produce markets. However, it is cheap, easy and beneficial in the long term to have your own plant around – so why not try growing it yourself?


1 large, ripe aloe vera leaf (approx. 5 inches or 10-15cm length)

5 servings of seasonal fruit (you can use your favorite fruit, but we recommend using whatever is in season, whether that is apples, oranges, or melons. My personal favorite is pineapple!) Alternatively, you could use 3 cups of juice – but it’s not as healthy as that real thing!


1. Cut a thick, green aloe vera leaf. It should be close to the root of the plant, and the tip might be a little bit dry. If the bottom of the leaf is white or yellow, discard this part. Similarly, chop off and discard the tip.

2. You want to remove the gel from the inside of the leaf. To do this, using a serrated knife, slice or “peel” off the spiny edges on the outside of the leaf. Alternatively, you could use a fruit or vegetable peeler. Then, slice or peel the skin off the outer side of the leaf. Using a teaspoon, scoop out the gel. Make sure all the gel you are using is mostly clear. Don’t dig too close to the skin where the gel is yellow – you only want the plump, juicy gel in the center.

3. Place gel in a blender with your fruit or fruit juice and blend until gel is mixed nicely with the other ingredients.


October 17, 2014

De-Stress Your Skin In 4 Simple Steps

Do you find it difficult to relax and de-stress your skin, especially when it’s breaking out? Take a break from the heavy makeup routine and treat your skin to a nourishing face mask once a week to lock-in the moisture.

Not only will your skin feel better, but it will also look hydrated and feel gentle to the touch. Here are just four simple ways to treat your skin when it’s had a rough week.

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La Roche-Posay Toleriane Riche 40ml, $27.99

What does it do?

Locks in moisture, and helps to prevent dry skin and premature ageing.

The number one reason our face feels dry and tight is because of over-cleansing and not enough moisturising. To keep skin feeling hydrated, it’s best to moisturise both day and night – your nightly moisturiser should be thick and extremely hydrating.

Apply onto the forehead, cheeks, and chin then dab into the skin in a circular motion on the cheeks, and an upwards motion on the forehead and neck.

Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask, $29.99

What does it do?

Helps to boost the moisture on dry or damaged areas on the face.

Indeed Laboratories have formulated the perfect moisture boosting facemask that uses 3D timed release hyaluronic acid. Just one mask helps to boost moisture in the skin, and prevents dry patches and premature ageing that come with more mature skin.

Simply press the sheet over your face, and push the product into problem areas such as the forehead and cheeks. Relax for 15 minutes, and allow the product to sink into your skin before applying a moisturiser over the top.

Moreish Euphoria Cream Cleanser 200ml, $14.99

What does it do? 

Cleanses the skin without over-drying trouble areas such as acne or scarring.

Anything with aloe vera will help to relax troublesome skin, and when used on a regular basis will clear it of any spots or pimples. Did you also know that aloe vera works as an anti-bacterial when applied on the skin? This is especially useful if you suffer from chronic acne, and have trouble finding a gentle cleanser which doesn’t strip the skin of it’s natural oils.

Skin Doctors Beetox 50ml, $59.99

What does it do?

Helps to renew the delicate skin on the eyes and face through the production of collagen and elastin.

Perfect for women who have more mature skin, since bee venom is packed with vitamins and nutrients to decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The product fools the skin into thinking that it’s been exposed to melittin, and as a result helps it to bounce back into shape.

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September 26, 2014

How To Keep Your Indoor Plant Alive

Some people swear that indoor plants are therapeutic. They have air-purifying qualities and some can be used for healing purposes. At the very least, an indoor plant can spruce up a living space. The main obstacle, however, is keeping them alive.

The first thing you should know is that plants are not made to be kept indoors. They live off sunlight, oxygen and water – all of which occur naturally and best outdoors. However, some plant species can handle the undesirable conditions and it is our job to make them as comfortable as we can!

If you’re the kind of person that will forget to water their plants (guilty!), you’ll want a hardy species, like a cactus or aloe. The gel in aloe vera is commonly used as an ointment for skin illnesses and is high in vitamins and minerals, so your decorative feature can also double as a dietary supplement! Other great plant species include the jade plant, ficus, spider plant, or pothos.

Now for some care tips:

  1. Don’t overwater your plant. Soggy soil will suffocate it!
  2. Don’t underwater your plant. Plants with more foliage will require more water than those with hard or waxy leaves. The amount of water you should give your plant is also dependent on its size, the size of the pot and the conditions of your home. The best way to be sure, is to check the soil is dry before watering your plant again.
  3. Be sure your plant is getting as much sunlight as possible. Plants live off sunlight, and by keeping them indoors, they’re already not getting as much as they would like. Leave your plant on a window sill or wherever it will get the best light.
  4. Don’t move your plant too much. It takes time for them to adapt to the indoor conditions and moving them around will essentially cause them stress.
  5. Use a damp cloth to wipe dust of leaves.
  6. Don’t empty your coffee or tea into the pot. Bugs will thrive off the sugar and breed in the soil of your indoor plant.

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August 1, 2014

5 Best Products For Sensitive Skin

Living with sensitive skin can often mean sticking to same old skincare routine in fear that something could break you out, and effectively start World War III right on the surface of your skin. Take greater care when choosing products that don’t strip oil off the skin, since this is a major source of skin breakage and irritation. Below are some products which work wonders on sensitive skin, and don’t cause any bad breakouts.

1. Kosmea Organic Rose Hip Oil 20mL, $21.99

Rose Hip Oil is a skincare saviour for anyone who suffers from sensitive skin, acne or scarring. This product is packed with essential fatty acids which include omega-3 and contribute to healthy skin all year round. They act as a super-moisturiser which repairs skin cells while you sleep, and helps to effectively decrease the appearance of wrinkles, acne scarring and also stretch marks.

2. Aesop Camellia Nut Facial Hydrating Cream 60mL, $49.00

Australian skincare brand, Aesop is revolutionising the way traditional products look and feel when they interact with the skin. They specialise in a number of hydrating creams which lock in moisture without feeling weighed-down. The cream also includes chamomile oil which softens the skin and avoids any irritation around the forehead or cheeks.

3. Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin 200mL, $20.95

Aloe Vera is known for it’s healing properties, and is the perfect ingredient to look out for when investing in skincare products. The soap-free formula gently cleanses the skin, while the aloe vera helps to keep any irritation at bay.

4. La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo 40mL, $27.99

Effaclar Duo is an incredible product for anyone suffering from sensitive skin as well as mild acne. The formula is specifically made to decrease the amount of breakouts you accumulate, and avoid any nasty blackheads from popping up over the skin. Keratolytic acid which is found within the formula helps to reduce the amount of breakouts in just three days, and dramatically changes the look of skin if used on a regular basis. Even if you don’t suffer from acne, the formula is gentle enough to use every morning, and even works as a primer before applying makeup.

5. Puretopia Refresh & Balance Facial Mist & Toner, $14.95

Recommended for all skin types, this mist toner is also packed with soothing aloe vera and vitamin C which brightens skin tone and complexion. Use as a toner to minimise the look of pores, or lightly mist throughout the day to nourish dry skin.

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By Felicia Sapountzis

June 3, 2014

7 Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Skincare

Aloe Vera has various benefits, just one being that it is amazing for repairing broken or damaged skin. Also known as ‘The Plant of Immortality’  this natural skin saviour was mostly commonly found in African and Indian regions of the world before it’s benefits were truly recognised. Plant in your backyard and use it straight from the source, or simply buy it from your local supermarket to appreciate all of its benefits.

1. Drinking aloe vera water

Aloe Vera water is now a popular drink which repairs the body from the inside out. It supplies the system with important vitamins and nutrients while also detoxifies the skin. Great to use if you suffer from inflammation, redness, and breakage on the surface of the skin.

2. Anti-Inflammatory

One very popular way of reducing acne is by using products which include traces of aloe vera. Using face washes, cleansers and aloe vera straight from the source eliminates redness and reduces swelling and inflammation on the skin. Aloe vera absorbs into the skin quite fast, so leave on for 10 minutes until washing off with lukewarm water.

3. Sunburn

Probably the best way to use aloe vera is to treat cracked skin due to burns or damage from the sun. Sprays and gels are great to keep in the fridge if you ever need them, but aloe vera from the source truly is a natural remedy. It helps to cool down the damaged area, and helps it become strong and healthy again. Use every few hours if you’re suffering from sunburn.

4. Psoriasis

Aloe Vera is an inexpensive way to help treat psoriasis and other skin irritations. This autoimmune disease causes scaly, red, and irritable eruptions on the surface of the skin. Apply natural aloe vera on a regular basis to the infected areas, and overtime notice a great improvement to the look and feel of your skin.

5. Anti-ageing

Apply aloe vera on a daily basis to achieve youthful and radiant skin. This has been proven to rewind signs of wrinkles, by hydrating and moisturising the skin. Add natural aloe vera into your daily skincare routine to enjoy the benefits of radiant skin.

6. Moisturising

If you’re growing tired of applying the same old greasy moisturisers to bed and in the morning, try using aloe vera. It has a thin consistency and a non greasy texture that is absorbed by the skin extremely fast. Aloe vera will keep your skin hydrated all day long and look absolutely glowing.

7. Decreases stretch marks

Pregnancy, weight loss and weight gain all contribute to irritating stretch marks which are a nightmare to remove. If used consistently, aloe vera helps to hide stretch marks and decrease their size and colour over time.

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May 16, 2014