5 Reasons To Visit Positano in Summer

If you’re planning a trip to the stunning Amalfi Coast this summer, then you’ve probably heard about Positano. This picturesque seaside village is a located in Campania and is one of the most popular vacation spots in Italy. Easily accessible by bus or private car, below are five of the many reasons to visit this summer.

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Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta – Piazza Flavio Gioia

One of the only sites in Positano has to be the Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta which is popular for summer weddings and baptisms. Boasting 13th century Byzantine architecture, it’s one of the most well-known sites in Positano – the line to get through is completely worth it.

5 Reasons To Visit Positano in Summer


Italy is known for its delightful food and drink which is inspired by the Mediterranean and Positano is no exception. Local delicacy ‘baba’ is a must-have dessert (a small cake drenched in butter and rum, usually filled with a soft cream).

5 Reasons To Visit Positano in Summer


Marina Grande

The perfect shores of Positano are just one of the many ways to relax and enjoy your holiday on the Amalfi Coast. The fashionable Marina Grande is known for its brightly coloured umbrellas and clear waters all around the world.

5 Reasons To Visit Positano in Summer


One of the best places to relax and enjoy a drink in Positano has to be Buca di Bacco. It’s located right on the beach and makes for a romantic evening, whether you’re travelling as a couple or even with the kids. For more of a party night-out, La Brezza comes highly recommended – especially if you love a classic Aperol Spritz!

5 Reasons To Visit Positano in Summer


Who knew that Positano is known for its summer fashion? Head down to Les Chic and have your very own bespoke sandals made right in front of your eyes! Simply have your foot measured, pick your design, and your leather shoes are crafted in less than 10 minutes.

5 Reasons To Visit Positano in Summer

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July 2, 2015

5 Coastal Towns To Visit In Italy

Who doesn’t love pinning picture after picture of Italy’s vast coast onto their Pinterest board? From the food, to the architecture, and even the idyllic clear-water beaches, this country located in southern Europe is just an adventure waiting to happen.

If you’re debating on where to go and what to see, then just keep on reading!

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Cinque Terre, Italian Riviera

Known for it’s endless coastlines and pastel painted homes, Cinque Terre is the number one tourist destination during a hot, European summer. Located on the quiet fishing villages of the Italian Riviera, this town is home to authentic locals who know a thing or two about food and culture.

Visit one of the oldest villages of Monterosso which dates back to AD 643, and was established by Greek settlers in the early 8th century.

5 Coastal Towns To Visit In Italy

Mare di Palermo, Sicily

Don’t forget to head down south to the exotic island of Siciliy. With a different government, culture, delicacies, and even language to mainland Italy, Sicily has been known for it’s tumultuous past. If you’re looking for a bit of serenity, head to the astonishing beaches of Mare di Palermo which boast crystal clear waters and white sands. Do we have to mention that it’s home to one of the biggest water slides?

5 Coastal Towns To Visit In Italy

Amalfi Coast, Salerno

Home to a large number of fashion boutiques, breathtaking beaches, and even George Clooney’s mansions (yes, mansions), the Amalfi Coast captures the natural beauty of southern Italy. Take a private tour from Amalfi to Sorrento, or simply hire a boat and make the Mediterranean your backyard for a few days.

5 Coastal Towns To Visit In Italy

Portofino, Italian Riviera

Famous for it’s picturesque harbour and fishing villages, Portofino sits majestically on the province of Genoa on the famous Italian Riviera. Home to the rich and famous, but also a traditional village where you can taste some of the best home-cooked Italian meals ever.

5 Coastal Towns To Visit In Italy

Pompeii, Campania

Any ancient history enthusiast cannot miss out the opportunity of the ruins of Pompeii. With some of the first monuments erected on 24 August AD 79, this iconic city is known for its fantastic preservation of ancient architecture. Definitely check out the ruins of Pompeii which were almost destroyed by the catastrophic volcanic eruption of nearby Mount Vesuvius, leaving its people frozen in time.

Campania is also known for it’s vast coastal resorts, and easy way to travel both via private car or even public transport.

5 Coastal Towns To Visit In Italy

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November 3, 2014