New Beauty Products – November

New beauty products – November
Brilliant blonde

Blondes might have more fun, but it’s hard work keeping those sun-kissed locks looking their best. If you’re a fair-headed princess, you must invest in a specialist hair care product for blondes to keep your colour looking fresh. Our picks:

Andrew Collinge Perfect Blonde Sachet

A highlight enhancing treatment with UV filter that brightens and repairs blonde hair, bottle or otherwise, transforming it into shimmering silky tresses. RRP $3.45 per sachet from Woolworths, Priceline and selected pharmacies.

Terax Original Shamp Camilla

The natural chamomile extracts work to maintain a great natural colour for blondes. Completely natural, pH balanced and free from chemical colorants. RRP $16.00/250ml from David Jones stores, selected professional hair salons and mail order, phone 1800 137 480 for details.

PPS Hair Wear Classic Blonde

This matching shampoo and conditioner gently tone and neutralise unwanted brassy tones in blonde hair. Suitable for everyday use, to keep those sun-kissed locks looking fabulous. $16.95 each. Stockist info call 07 3399 0740

Body work

Preparation is the key to getting fab all-over pre-summer glow, so get scrubbing. Then give your freshly buffed bod a good slathering of deliciously scented bronzer. Summersational!

Nars Body Glow

Indulge yourself with the heady aromas of Tahitian gardenias while your body is treated to a radiant glow from this all-over bronzer. Summer personified $180 from Mecca Cosmetica

MOR Honey White Sugar Body Polish

With cane sugar, macadamia nut oil, coconut oil and green tea, this super summer body buffer smells good enough to eat! Also available in lush flavours like zingy Ginger, and revitalising Green Tea. The essential pre-tan scrub down. $24.95 from MOR PS! Check out the full range of fab spa treats from MOR including body butters, exfoliating washes, soaps and er, mor.

October 22, 2003

Winter Hair Care Tips

Winter hair wear

Is there no end to a girl’s hair dramas? It seems the minute we are finished with the summer humidity frizzies, that winter comes snapping at our heels bringing with it a whole new set of challenges.

Keep you hair in check this winter with these essential styling and care tips¬†from one of the world’s leading hairdressers, Andrew Collinge.

moisturising shampoo & conditioner

Combat dryness

What most people don’t realise is that what hair really lacks in winter is moisture. Not only is the cooler winter air more drying and less humid, but we spend more time inside where heaters create a drier climate. The result – hair is dry, frizzy and loses its healthy look. Combat winter dryness with andrew collinge moisturising shampoo & conditioner. The super rich moisture balanced shampoo will cleanse and moisturise hair, whilst the rich conditioning formula of the moisturising conditioner will replenish lost moisture and re-hydrate for great condition and shine, without heaviness.

Curl up like Kate

For a head of tumbling curls like Kate Hudson, apply styling moussing gelle to towel-dried hair. Section the top half and twist into a bun at the crown. Do the same with the bottom half, securing the bun just below the top one, and allow to dry. Once dried remove pins and gently separate hair with the fingers. Scrunch through a small amount of andrew collinge shape up controlling wax for extra body and hold.

messed up moulding gum

My little pony

The ponytail is the ultimate style for winter – quick, easy and weather resistant. For a supersleek and elegant look pull hair into a low ponytail (a favourite of Jennifer Lopez) at the nape of the neck and secure. Remember texture and volume however are still the key for winter, so don’t let your ponytail hang limp. Dampen hair with water, work through a small amount of andrew collinge messed up moulding gum and use a hair dryer to create volumous tousled waves.


July 29, 2003

Fun Flirty hair

Fun flirty hair

Whilst she may no-longer hang on the arm of super spunk Leonardo, no-one could doubt that Gisele still has the sexiest curls on the catwalk. To create a similar beach-like look, work curl-enhancing Andrew Collinge styling moussing gelle through towel dried hair. Split the hair into 8 sections (4 on each side) and one by one twist each section into ‘ropes’. Allow the hair to air dry, or blow dry with a diffuser, and then separate each section with your fingers. For lasting hold rub a small amount of shape up controlling wax between fingers and apply lightly to finish.

shape up controlling wax

Think 70’s and follow in the footsteps of those sex¬†kittens, the Charlie’s Angels, by flicking out the ends of your current style. Apply Andrew Collinge no kinks straightener and blow dry your hair as normal. Complete the look by blow drying the ends with a round brush away from your face, and finish with shape up controlling wax for lasting definition.

no kinks straightener

Add ‘vampish’ volume to your hair by using a volumising shampoo and conditioner such as Andrew Collinge thickening shampoo and thickening condition. Towel dry hair and spray the roots with Andrew Collinge instant body thickening lotion. Blow-dry with your head tipped upside down to encourage as much height as possible.

For a fun, fuss-free style try a loose version of the fishtail braid. Apply a small amount of Andrew Collinge supple hold styling cream and split hair in half down the middle. Starting from about ear level take alternating small pieces from the outside of each half and place on the inside of the other half. Keep the hair loose, allowing pieces to fall, and continue until all of the hair has been braided and then fasten.

supple hold styling cream

For a naturally tousled effect, start with wet hair and work through Andrew Collinge styling moussing gelle. This dual action product combines the strength and hold of a gel with the body and volume of a moussing and provides a good surface to accept further styling. Blow dry the hair fairly straight, then, dividing the hair into 10-12 sections, use tongs to curl each section. Release every ringlet intact and when the whole head has been curled and has cooled, rake fingers through the hair to loosen.



April 1, 2003

Cool Chic hair

We can’t all have our own personal stylist, but if its cool and chic you can guarantee that the celebs will be doing it first. Take a look at what they are doing and follow their lead. Watch the awards ceremonies and start experimenting with different styles. It’ll take time, but with patience and practice you’ll be amazed at how good you can get at creating your own cool styles. You can find all the products that you need in the Andrew Collinge range of hair care and styling products.Humidity is public enemy number one to anyone with frizz-prone hair.

moisturising shampoo & conditioner

Dry, porous hair sucks in moisture, so the only way to combat humidity is to keep hair moisturised. Use a moisturising shampoo and moisturising conditioner such as Andrew Collinge moisturising shampoo and moisturising conditioner.For a ‘just stepped off the catwalk’ look – consider braids and cornrows (not only do they look cool – think Kylie – they also keep hair out of your face). Before braiding apply Andrew Collinge supple hold styling cream to prevent hair from slipping.

To add volume and life to flat hair, tip your head upside down and blast with a blow dryer. Throw you head back

supple hold styling cream

and then apply Andrew Collinge messed up mounding gum to the roots to add lift and definition.Fine, flyaway hair is a common problem. To add the body and volume that hair lacks naturally, spray on Andrew Collinge instant body thickening lotion to achieve that ‘just stepped out of the hairdressers’ look without weighing down the hair. Instant body thickening lotion delivers body, fullness and control to fine hair whilst at the same time eliminating static and flyaway. To use spray onto towel dried hair concentrating on the roots for extra lift, and blow-dry using a round or paddle brush to

instant body thickening lotion

lift hair at the roots.For more ways to get sexy hair, check SheSaid Fashion and Beauty next week!

March 18, 2003

Cutting edge hair

Cutting edge hair

Be at the forefront of trends and change your style on every visit to the salon.Try using different products from the Andrew Collinge range of hair care and styling products to create new and different effects.

Coolest celebs glam it up with a bit of hair drama.Turn up the heat on short hair by sleeking hair back for the ultimate groomed look, or pull and twist pieces up from the roots to create your own signature style.

stay put styling gel

Andrew Collinge stay put styling gel shapes and controls for maximum hold whether you want a sleek groomed look, gravity defying lift or a spiky textured finish.

The new chic sheared crop sported by Selma Blair has done wonders for her career and has also sent women in their droves to the salons for a similar do. Women with short dark hair need to be careful however, if they wear it too neat it can look like a helmet.

messed up moulding gum

Blow dry hair with your fingers, and then use Andrew Collinge messed up moulding gum on sections or all over to create a more unruly effect. Always at the forefront of global hair trends, Jennifer Aniston’s fine locks continue to excite and inspire.

Whilst the ‘Rachel’ was without doubt the most coveted hair of the past decade, our favourite is the loose and sexy style Jen adopts when off set.

To achieve this look apply Andrew Collinge styling moussing gelle to damp hair. The secret is to blow dry only at the roots and hairline for lift and allow the rest to air-dry.

To finish lightly apply Andrew Collinge shape up controlling wax to the bottom half of the hair for texture and polish. One of the hottest styles for the coming season is an updated version of the ‘starlet’ style from the 1940s, featuring a deep side parting and a softly waved front that brings the hair over the forehead whilst the rest hangs loose at the back.

shape up controlling wax

This is a very simple style and can be achieved by all with a little practice. Start by applying Andrew Collinge no kinks straightener to the back of the hair, and Andrew Collinge supple hold styling cream to the front.

Separate the front of the hair from the side parting into 3 sections and curl around 3 large velcro rollers across the top of the forehead. Use a large round brush for blow-drying the rest of the hair straight, then when the hair at the front is dry remove the curlers and gently brush out the hair to create a glamorous wave.

For more ways to get sexy hair, check SheSaid Fashion and Beauty next week!

March 18, 2003

Sexy Office Hair

‘She didn’t… Did she?’ – be the centre of office gossip with super sexy ‘just got out of bed’ hair. Use Andrew Collinge messed up moulding gum to create a ruffled, tousled style with lasting hold that’s guaranteed to get tongues wagging. Simply rub a small amount of gum between palms, clap hands to activate fibres and work through damp or dry hair from roots to ends to create the effect you want.

You’re running late, you have a meeting with the sexy new guy in marketing at 9am and your hair just won’t do want you want it to do.

supple hold styling cream

Bad hair days… let’s face it they always happen when we need them least. Don’t despair – take control and opt instead for a super sleek low ponytail. Work Andrew Collinge supple hold styling cream through damp or dry hair, create a side part and pull your hair back into a low ponytail, or twist into a messy bun.

Keep Andrew Collinge shape up controlling wax in your desk drawer for quick touch ups during the day. Rub a small amount of wax between palms or fingers then work it through to the ends to add definition and shine, or separate

messed up moulding gum

strands of hair with your fingers for a tousled textured style – perfect for a drink after work with the new guy from marketing!

Nothing can deflate your style like SPBU (styling product build up) – leaving your hair limp and dull, lacking energy and shine. Breathe new life back into your hair with Andrew Collinge revitalising shampoo and revitalising conditioner. Formulated to be mild enough for everyday, these revitalising products are designed to remove product build up and restore natural pH balance, leaving hair healthy and full of vitality, and screaming ‘sex appeal’ once more.

So the last time you had

revitalising shampoo & conditioner

one may have been in the playground… but nothing is better for making smouldering glances across the board room table than a fringe. Forget the heavy straight fringe inflicted upon you by your mother, we’re talking seriously sexy chopped layers, swept across the face seductively masking the eyes. Separate strands using Andrew Collinge shape up controlling wax with your fingers for a textured finish.

All products are available from Coles supermarkets nationally.

March 5, 2003

Andrew Collinge Styling Range

instant body thickening lotion

instant body thickening lotion

from Andrew Collinge

Fine, limp hair is a common problem and adding the body and volume it lacks naturally and achieving that ‘just stepped out of the hairdressers’ look is not easy. Andrew Collinge understands just how difficult it can be for women with fine hair to find styling products that do not weigh their hair down and has developed this spray on instant body thickening lotion to give fine, flyaway hair everything it needs

straight & smooth no kinks straightener

from Andrew Collinge

Sleek straight hair is once more at the forefront of fashion on this year’s catwalks, with

straight & smooth no kinks straightener

shiny healthy hair being the optimum in chic. Now Andrew Collinge Salon Solutions has developed straight & smooth no kinks straightener to help you achieve those glossy heads of straight sexy hair with ease.

supple hold styling cream

from Andrew Collinge

Short and sassy, wicked, wavy, groomed and glossy, whatever you desire – with the right styling product you can create the shape you want and give it pliable, lasting support. Andrew Collinge Salon Solutions has developed this new supple hold styling cream to twist, tweak, chunk, or simply work through for incredible texture with up to date modern movie star glamour.

supple hold styling cream

stay put styling gel

from Andrew Collinge

Coolest celebs glam it up with a bit of hair drama, turn up the heat by sleeking hair back for ultimate groomed look. ‘Put it up’ and pull out strands for that striking effect, whether you want chic or just cheek, Andrew Collinge Salon Solutions new total control stay put styling gel will have your hair looking great, lasting all day or night with ease.

styling moussing gelle

from Andrew Collinge

Winter winds, drying heating, air conditioners and rain all play havoc with our hair causing flyaway and frizz which is difficult to control. However Andrew Collinge

stay put styling gel

Solutions have now developed all day control and hold styling moussing gelle to keep your style in place without cementing it down. If you want the body and volume of a mousse, with the hold and shine of a gel, then all day control and styling moussing gelle is a superb product for you. (N.B. The Special Offer excludes this product as we are not able to post aerosol products)shape up controlling wax

from Andrew Collinge

Play it cool with shape up controlling wax to mould and hold short, spiky or layered style. It also works well on longer, de-constructed looks

shape up controlling wax

create the ultimate in funky versatile catwalk hair this season. Separate strands of hair for a tousled textured style, muss it up with both hands for that un-groomed look so popular at the moment, or simply smooth it back for a super sleek finish.messed up moulding gum

from Andrew Collinge

Catwalk looks this season are all about retro glamour, tousled locks and glamorous up-do’s, short androgynous sassy cuts or spiky sections. Its about creating whatever look you want for the ultimate flexible hairstyle anytime, anywhere. Flexibility is the key with choppy cuts and messed up hair. Speed is of the essence

messed up moulding gum

creative products like Andrew Collinge Salon Solutions new messed up moulding gum makes styling hair in a funky fun way easy and quick and what’s more the style will last all day long.Andrew Collinge Celebrity Hair Secrets – Sarah Jessica, Cameron and Halle all have The Look – Find out how!

Special Offer: FREE Andrew Collinge Styling Product of your choice when you buy any 2 products from the Andrew Collinge range. Click here to register for your free product. Remember to have your Coles docket and barcodes ready.

All products available from Coles supermarkets nationally.

October 22, 2002

Andrew Collinge Celebrity Hair Secrets

Sarah Jessica Parker

Those gorgeous tresses of the rich and famous don’t just happen by chance, you know. Apart from having the best stylist money can buy, woman in the public eye know the importance of making sure every day is a good hair day.Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah has given herself a brand-new look by swapping her trademark tumble of long curls for a shorter bob, which she wears smooth and straight.

Try: Andrew Collinge No Kinks Straightener, $9.95 for 100mL.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron seems to change her naturally straight baby-fine hair as often as she changes her clothes! These days she’s wearing it

Cameron Diaz

fashionably long and tousled, but needs to add lift and fullness with thickening lotions.

Try: Andrew Collinge Instant Body Thickening Lotion, $9.95 for 200mL.Kate Moss

This elfin razor-cut crop perfectly suits Kate’s small features and high cheekbones. If you have hair like Kate, it’s a good idea to use a styling wax to allow you to mould and hold short, modern styles.

Try: Andrew Collinge Shape Up Controlling Wax, $9.95 for 43g.

Jennifer Lopez

Highights through Jennifer’s curls gives them a sunkissed look. For smooth locks, she needs to use a mousse to give control to her style and

Kate Moss

tame frizz.

Try: Andrew Collinge Moussing Gelle, $9.95 for 116g.Halle Berry

Halle’s short, tufty style is youthful and sexy. Chunky layers are cut through the hair, then product is worked through with fingers, to give a messy look.

Try: Andrew Collinge Messed Up Moulding Gum, $9.95 for 75mL

A Fresh New Look With Andrew Collinge Salon Solutions

Andrew Collinge has updated his Salon Solutions range to incorporate the latest advanced technologies as well as new state-of-the-art styling products.

Whatever your cut you will be able to create the style that you want and keep it looking great all day!


Jennifer Lopez

FREE Andrew Collinge Styling Product of your choice when you buy any 2 products from the Andrew Collinge range. Click here to register for your free product. Remember to have your Coles docket and barcodes ready.All products available from Coles supermarkets nationally.

Halle Berry

October 22, 2002