6 Things You’re Doing In Your Sleep That Are Ruining Your Skin

You’re not getting any beauty sleep if you make these mistakes.

The Best Anti-Aging Exercises

We’re all looking for the secret to eternal youth, but most of us don’t realise how effective exercise is to take the years off. Read on for some easy fitness tips and exercises that will keep your face and body looking – and feeling – young.

The basics

To keep you feeling good on the inside, lose those extra kilos and do a minimum of 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise every day to ensure your organs are healthy. Good cardio workouts include stair climbing, walking up hills, bike riding and swimming. When you feel fit and ready, increase the amount of time you exercise and the intensity.

Complete this picture with resistance exercise to ensure you look as good on the outside as you feel. Resistance-based exercise keeps muscles strong and toned, because the last thing any woman wants is sagging body parts.

And most importantly, drink lots of water, at least eight glasses a day.

Facial exercises

Some women swear by facial exercises to prevent wrinkles, crows feet and other signs of ageing, as well as enhance glowing skin. Exercising the facial muscles allows the skin to get the oxygen it needs to keep it healthy and deliver other nutrients to the skin cells. Try laughing, frowning, smiling, raising your eyebrows, moving your jaw up, down and sideways.

It is easy to overlook caring for your neck, even though it is an area prone to wrinkling. While a woman’s face can look young, her real age can be obvious when looking at her neck. Neck exercises, such as chin tucks and stretches, can minimise neck wrinkling and help women look younger.

Legs and butt to die for

Part of looking and feeling young is having great legs and a firm bum! All women can have wonderful legs and bottom using the following exercises:

• Step-ups, using stairs, a park bench or an exercise stepper, tone everywhere and offer a great cardio workout because they work all leg and gluteal (bottom) muscles at the same time

• Lunges work the same muscles. Perform walking or stationary lunges and swap legs to ensure both get a good work out

• Add ankle weights to your legs to tone them faster and perform and use for thigh exercises (lying on your side and raising one leg up)

• Squats push the full weight of your body through your legs and buttocks.

Michelle Obama arms

Triceps (in the upper arm) are often forgotten because women can be preoccupied with toning their tummies and bottoms, so here are some exercises to tone those arms:

• Tricep dips, tricep kick backs, overhead tricep extensions and shoulder presses are effective isolation exercises

• Wide-grip push ups work pectoral muscles (hidden under the breasts) and triceps if you move your hands closer together.

What are your favourite exercises to keep the years off?

Tried And Tested: Skin Serums

Unlike moisturizer, which only hydrates the top layer of your skin, serum particles are smaller and penetrate deeper into your pores. Serums are typically natural oil- or water-based, and rich in vitamins like A and E vital to healthy skin. Serums are primarily used to fight aging, but can also be used to brighten and firm the skin, treat dark spots or prevent acne. They are also full of antioxidants which can rid the skin of harmful toxins absorbed from pollution in the air.

Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Daily Moisture Balancing Serum with Antioxidant Complex (1 oz), $50

This product smells like a rose-filled heaven! One of its key ingredients – Rose Hip Oil – is rich in fatty acids, great for skin elasticity. The Australian-made product is best for protecting and hydrating the skin, and smoothing an uneven complexion.

La Mav Organic Skin Science, Wrinke-Defence & Skin-Brightening Day Fluid (1.7 oz), $AUD39.95


This licorice-scented “day fluid” is designed to reduce shine in oily to combination skin. It evens skin tone and protects the skin from impurities – from dark spots to fine lines. Not only are La Mav products give you some bang for your buck, but they also don’t test on animals!

Dermalogica, Age smart multivitamin power serum (0.75 oz), $65

dermalogica.comThis serum is ideal for mature or aging skin. It boosts elasticity is rich in vitamins A, C and E. It reduces dullness and the appearance of sun spots and sun-damage. Dermalogica is a developed by the International Dermal Institute and is  free of artificial colors and fragrances.

Images via Jurlique, La Mav and Dermalogica.